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As anyone who played NBA Ballers: The Chosen One can corroborate, recreating treasured franchises can be tricky thing. Prudently, EA Tiburon went back to the series’ high-spirited roots to revitalize NFL Blitz, upholding the game’s gratifying elements while adding requisite high-def polish and online connectivity.

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RaptorMan3551d ago

Seems like this is getting "on fire" reviews.

madmad3551d ago

I thought the demo was a bit "meh". Always liked the late hits, especially when another player scored a TD and was doing a celebration.

sharpsword3551d ago

I agree, NBA Ballers: The Chosen One was crap. No wonder why Midway went out of business.

mediastudies3551d ago

I'd rather play this than Madden Arcade.

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