IGN REVIEW : BlackSite: Area 51 (PS3)

In BlackSite, you're cast as Aeran Pierce, a silent badass who leads a team of military grunts into battle on a daily basis. On a mission to Iraq, you come across a fragment of alien origin, lose one of your guys to it and blackout. The story picks up three years later as the crazy crap you saw in the Middle East -- grotesque men with tentacles hanging out of their mouths, gigantic exploding bugs and a bunch of creepy-crawlies -- has sprung up in Nevada and it's up to you and crew to snuff it out.

Final Verdict 6.2

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Rice4977d ago

I was expecting this. Oh well

ruibing4977d ago

The PS3 UT3 picked a nice time to be released along this and Orange Box.

jackdoe4977d ago

Instead of using the delay to fix some of the bugs and sh!t wrong with the 360 and PC versions, they chose to use to delay to add to them.

Komrad4977d ago

... get this game after even harvey smith said it sucks and it was rushed? rental perhaps, and thats if i finish my list of "games to complete" list.

tatotiburon4977d ago

PS3 version 6.2
XBOX 360 version 6.4

the game already sucks in 360 buy looks like the PS3 version suck a little more

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