Alice: Madness Returns review

"Alice: Madness Return has a terrific visual style and intriguing ideas, which is why it’s so frustrating to see what could’ve been a clever game turn into such a tedious, drawn-out mess."

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krontaar3551d ago

Definitely wasn't THAT bad.

dazreah3551d ago

Agree its not a great game but it has its moments i'd give it a 7.

Acquiescence3551d ago

One of the best games I played last year.

M1chl3551d ago

Yeah someone finaly gets it. This game is utter sh*t. Repetive uninspired gameplay, clunky controls, horendous graphics and because of that next point is also disadvantage. This game s extremely long and yeah you will suffer half-way in game till the very end. And don't get me started about that remake, which comes with the game. Its basically unplayable, thanks to "controls" if you can say that word in this game. Stay away!

pr0digyZA3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I can't tell if my sarcastic meter is working today?

M1chl3551d ago

I mean, I was kinda pissed off, because I don't like the game. Maybe I am too harsh, but you all are free to disagre : ) Anyway great reaction, made me laugh : D

BlackBusterCritic3550d ago

I think you'd change your mind if you had the PC version. The graphics look great, runs at 60 fps, controls are just fine (I'm using keyboard and mouse), and it only cost me $7.49. But yeah, the game is too long, a little repetitive, and has a major lack of boss fights.

But at $7 bucks its definitely worth playing.

nyobzoo3550d ago

just beat the game today actually and I would give it a 7/10. It's a good game, sure it has it's flaws but overall enjoyable, I would say however that I wasn't expecting it to be, pretty much, a 3D platformer with fighting in between, which I don't mind

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