Kid and Play: Fruit Ninja Kinect (Slice)

Brandon Coppernoll wasn't surprised that his 5 year-old son enjoyed playing Fruit Ninja Kinect with him, but finally being able to play a game with his 2 year-old daughter may have changed his gaming diet.

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gamingdroid2939d ago

One of my favorite games on Kinect and even better when bundled for free!

Lord_Sloth2939d ago

My mind went elsewhere...

mttrackmaster382939d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

Bigpappy2939d ago

I actually enjoy this as much as the kids... Okay, may be no as much. But I do enjoy this game and have a great score to prove it.

baodeus2939d ago

yeah, man try some challenge like playing with your leg only (hand tide behind your back). What a work out. much more fun than on smartphone or tablet.