Eurogamer Retrospective: Far Cry 2

When Far Cry 2 gives you a buddy, there's not a lot of fanfare. They deliver their hyperspeed dialogue about how we should all be looking out for one another here in the depths of Africa, and then you've got some prick who will ring you up before you do a mission with something borderline genocidal and most definitely approaching a war crime for you to do on top of that. It's that or a guy who'll save your life a dozen times, at least.

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MGRogue20173542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Far Cry 3 is going to be much better than Far Cry 2 in terms of story, gameplay & exploration.. which is good to know. :)

ilovemyps33542d ago

I bought it but never played.I enjoyed playing the first one.
After this post, I really want to play farcry2,now.
Apart checkpoints ,enemies respawning,and 30 miles headshots, the game look gorgeous,with a cool story,stuff to collect,cool missions,great visuals and physics.

Does it have multi? Does someone still play it,here?
Does it have trophies? For those who finished it, farcry2 is better than .....?
Thanks for your answers

Son_Lee3542d ago

Yes, the game has multiplayer.

I do not know if anyone still plays it. I imagine some people do.

The game does have trophies. Around 48, I think. Single-player trophies are your usual fair; the multiplayer trophies are time-consuming as hell. Think Resistance 2 or Lost Planet 2.

I'm only a couple hours in myself, but Far Cry 2 is enjoyable. Think of it as Dead Island in Africa with a greater focus on guns and no RPG elements.

JellyJelly3542d ago

Hated this game. The constant travelling with respawning enemies and having to find malaria pills bored me to death.

urwifeminder3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I really dig the editor on pc its amazing looks great on 360 so i got it on ps3 as well and it was terrible an early port that looked awful but still played nice more people were still playing on ps3 though, i agree about too much travel i got a corrupt game save %86 into it couldnt finish it i recomend two saves each time lol.

Trekster_Gamer3542d ago

Farcry 2 looked and played awesome, the story however, especially the ending was very boring and uninspired.
The voice acting substandard as well.