The Best Kinect Games

TPV's Jonathan: "An Xbox Live Arcade game that is basically just you standing in front of your tv and frantically slicing fruit. This game is a simple idea married to a simple premise for a game but for some voodoo magic styled reason Fruit Ninja Kinect is a lot of fun and extremely addictive. Just one more turn will become a phrase you should get used to when you play this game because the short rounds and constant score building will have you playing and replaying this game over and over and over again.

Fruit Ninja is one of those games that you can enjoy playing on your own if you wish but if you crack this bad boy of a game out at a party everyone can get involved and have a good time with this game. The games idea and goal is simple, slice and dice those fruity minxes!"

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I only played 3 Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Adentures and Kinect Joyride. In my opinion they were pretty bad games.


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I own alot of Kinect games and have purchased quite a few for family.

Kinect targeted some of what made the Wii successful throughout the years and actually bested those games in many ways.

Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports Season 2 are two of the best games for Kinect. Regardless of the critics the people have made these games successful through word of mouth. Golf on second season my new personal fave.

Dance Central 1 &2 get the well deserved critical praise. This franchise is hands down the best dance franchise out there.

Fitness Evolved is the best fitness game out there.

Fruit Ninja Kinect is a blast and is even more fun than the IOS game.

Gunstringer is getting a lot of critical praise and I love the originality of it.

I absolutely loved Child of Eden. It was the game I looked forward to the most and it didn't disappoint.

Motion Sports and Motion Sports adrenaline are my sleepers. They both have certain games within them that are really fun.

If you getting games for the kids then Kinectimals is the go-to game but of course you have Sesame Street and Disneyland.

The early titles like Joyride, Adrenaline, and Sonic were also kid games.

Kinect fun labs has some cool little app size titles that kids dig.

I only played a little of Rise and thought the coontrols were kind of awkward and definately took some getting use to. I think when thats a budget title in the future I will pick it up for some mindless fun.

Again Kinect isn't for everyone, but if you play alot of games with family and/or friends then Kinect is the go-to device.


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I don't play Kinect much, but when I do, I play it with my 4 year old. The Kinect Sports games, Fruit Ninja, Kinect Disneyland and Kinectimals have been great in introducing her to video games. So, I don't hate the device. But I'm not too fond of Microsoft for making the Xbox dashboard (and especially Netflix) all Kinect friendly.

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yeah thats a good point, the actual Kinect is cool but the dashboard Kinect use is just a way to shoe horn it in there in a vague attempt to get everyone to buy it.

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'But I'm not too fond of Microsoft for making the Xbox dashboard (and especially Netflix) all Kinect friendly'

The funniest part of this statement is when Kinect first was released it didn't have Netflix support and that was a main point of contention.

The other point was you couldnt use Kinect in the main dash for everything and it brought up that seperate dash. Again, a main point of contention.

Now, both of thoe issues are in the past and people complain about it as well.

The funniest part is NOTHING chanced other than the organization and presentation. The controller is still as easy to use as ever.


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