Resident Evil in 2012

Rely on Horror: "Resident Evil saw a great year in 2011. Rightfully so since the series celebrated its 15th anniversary back in March. It was the beginning of “The Year of Resident Evil,” which is going to continue well into March 2012."

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Nerdmaster3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

"Resident Evil saw a great year in 2011"? What a terrible lie. A couple of HD ports (RE4 doesn't even have support for the PS Move) and a cash-in for 3DS don't make 2011 a great year for RE.

To be fair, RE Mercenaries 3D is fun, but it's just not enough.

yokokoroma3550d ago

It will be the exact opposite, Resident Evil is going to see a HORRIBLE year (with the exception of Revelations, which should've been on console), in fact, this year, could very well be the last time we see the name Resident Evil! Why? ORC, which I stopped referring to as a RE title because it's not (not even a spin off) it's something, but it's not Resident Evil! Once again, Capcom has outsourced a LEGENDARY flagship title, which is only going to throw the company futher into turmoil! They've set a high expectation of ORC, (2 million copies? LOL) to which it will never met! ORC, was suppose to come out Dec 31, 2011, did it though? NO, why? Capcom knew it would flop (which it still is) so they pushed it back 3 months, in order to add "Heroes Mode", which to true Resident Evil fans like myself, will be to no avail! Capcom tries to invoke the spirit of RE 2 in making Leon, HUNK, Ada, Claire, etc... playable. This will all be for naught, as the name Resident Evil crumbles beneath the ruin that is ORC!!