PS3 Fanboy review: Pain

Colin Torretta of PS3 Fanboy has given 'Pain', a Playstation Network title 7.0.

He summarises that "PAIN is just going to become one of those PSN titles that you play for a week (and love!) but then let gather virtual dust in your PSN Titles folder"

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PimpHandHappy4943d ago

this game lets me play my music without taking out the background game noise. Very cool

and about time


Pain looks fun and HVB is fun for what it is. A 10$ game that is not meant to be epic like Warhawk or COD4. Just a fun little game

IM really looking 4ward to Echo Chrome

IMO HVB is a very good party game

LinuxGuru4943d ago

Are you talking about HVB when this is about pain?


crunchie1014941d ago (Edited 4941d ago )

What on earth is HVB?

Edit: nevermind, it's High Velocity Bowling, isn't it?

PimpHandHappy4943d ago

and i went with HVB

I heard Pain is fun from the ppl i have seen playing it and i know HVB is fun