Sonic shows up in Progressive Insurance Commercial

He has been in cartoons and comics, and now he hits the small screen again in a new television commercial advertising Progressive Insurance.

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zeal0us3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

would of been kooler if he talk other than the commercial is good.

Snookies123411d ago

Lol! Agent Smith has spoken!

-Mika-3411d ago

Not funny at all. Anyway at-least he was animated well.

Snookies123411d ago

The hell does Sonic need insurance for? lol

Agent Smith3411d ago

He's going over the speed limit, so if he ever gets in an accident, it'd cost him an arm and a leg without insurance.

ElliePage3411d ago

Considering the cops are always after him anyways then I think he'd have no problem with a hit & run. Commercial would've made a bit more sense with Tails.

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