Company behind Avenger controller donates $10,000

The company behind the Xbox 360 and PS3 Avenger controllers, N-Control, has donated $10,000 to Child's Play, a video game industry charity that improves childrens' lives throughout 70 hospitals worldwide.

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NeverforgetNES4581d ago

It is $10,000 in cash and $50,000 in Avenger accessories.

-Mika-4581d ago

It nice that you donated but it wasn't necessary. Everyone is mad at the pr rep not you. You're a really small company so it really wasn't in your best interest to donate that.

a7454581d ago

What is this, a cover up for the PR thing?

DarkBlade46584580d ago

I mean they had to do something. Nice gesture but it won't unsmear his name


Shawn Layden Hammers Down The Importance Of Preserving Games

Former PlayStation US bigwig Shawn Layden has weighed in on the subject of video game preservation during a chat with Lan Parties, stating that more should be done by the big players in the industry to help preserve games.

Preservation is important. I’m hoping that more people in the industry, certainly the big players, begin to realize that there’s an obligation and responsibility. This isn’t throw-away stuff we’re making. This is stuff that should be around for a long time because future generations will enjoy it in the same way that we have and it’s criminal that we’re not doing more to protect it.

Sony in particular has come under attack for its poor attitude towards game preservation, having originally announced plans to shutter the PSP, PS Vita, and PS3 stores back in March 2021. This was met with widespread backlash, resulting in the format holder confirming the Vita and PS3 stores would remain open.

isarai271d ago

Bring him back! Or put Shuhei in charge

Obscure_Observer271d ago

"Bring him back! Or put Shuhei in charge"

I would rather have Jack as Playstation CEO and Shu as President/Head of Playstation Studios.

But Layden is definitely better than Ryan

Eonjay270d ago

Wouldn't your rather the government pass a law banning PlayStation and requiring all citizens to purchase 15 Xboxes and GP subs?

Obscure_Observer270d ago (Edited 270d ago )


"Wouldn't your rather the government pass a law banning PlayStation and requiring all citizens to purchase 15 Xboxes and GP subs?"


I don´t want Playstation to disappear. Actually, I want Playstation to be quite successful and maintain its leadership on the market so MS could´t never get back to their cocky ways and f* with Xbox gamers ever again.

If you read my comment history, You´ll be able to confirm by yourself that I´d been actually encouraging your PS pals hurt by MS latest acquisitions to boycott Xbox games and support Sony instead.

So I´ve been noticing that only Jin Sakai, jznrpg and Apocalypse Shadow will actually walk the talk and boycott MS unlike some hypocrites talking sh*t about monopoly and consolidation, while giving their money to MS anyway.

Botton line, though, without Playstation as competition, Xbox gamers are doomed! Period!

shinoff2183271d ago

Meanwhile Nintendo shuts down what 3ds, and wii. You hear that

Fking crickets

-Foxtrot270d ago

Well yeah, it’s Nintendo, people don’t mind when they do something shitty

DarXyde270d ago

It's not that they don't mind. People just know what to expect from Nintendo. They're ridiculous in many ways. Charging for a terrible counterintuitive online service? Cracking down in emulation when they don't do enough for their own game preservation? Charging a premium for the tech they've got?

People mind, but they are perhaps willing to treat their bad behavior with less weight because they do deliver with games. It's functionally an abusive relationship with good sex.

Bizarre analogy, but I think it's true.

ModsDoBetter270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Whilst the compang does the bare minimum with backwards compatibility?

EvertonFC270d ago

Preservation of games isn't just BC, so many gamers don't actually know what the full meaning of preservation even means.

ModsDoBetter270d ago

That's true, but the main focus from a consumer standpoint is allowing gamers to continue to play their older titles.

Preserving the history through backwards compatibility and ease of access, which Sony don't do a great job at...YET.

The ps catalogue is continually expanded and love being able to play older titles I enjoyed on PS3 like Tekken 6, so at least they're moving in the right direction on that front, albeit very slowly.

ModsDoBetter270d ago

Learn grammar is a bit rich coming from you who can't differentiate between your and you're. English clown 😂

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FinalFantasyFanatic270d ago

Does this mean we can have a lot more "Playstation Classics"? I don't feel like we're getting enough for what was promised, at least they added a few games this month.

shinoff2183270d ago

True. I've been waiting for some of those old school rpgs from the ps1 ps2 Era, where f is legend of legaia Sony

FinalFantasyFanatic269d ago

Oh yes! Give me Legaia! I don't have my original PS1 copy any more (idk even know what happened to it). There's so many games I missed the first time around, I would love the opportunity to play them.

Yui_Suzumiya269d ago

The boom of Playstation Classics seems to have fizzled out last gen. Now it's mostly remakes or remasters.

MrBaskerville270d ago

Sony is in a position where they could do a lot, with their premium games. They have all the systems in place to do something cool on the psp, ps2 and psx front, but they don't really want to, it seems.

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New Games with Gold for April 2020 - Xbox Wire

Xbox Live Gold members can play four great games in April on Xbox One! Get ready to experience authentic racing action with Project CARS 2 starting April 1. Then on April 16, assemble your party in the retro-styled, turn-based RPG Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle.

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AngelicIceDiamond1574d ago

Not a good month but hopefully the Fable Anniversary foreshadowing the next Fable.

gamer78041574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Honestly I don’t really dig the comedic rpg take, I’m hoping for something serious than another fable, which is what Xbox is really lacking, a serious game with a great story and characters

BlackIceJoe1574d ago

Depending on if it is still in development or not, but before Chris Avellone left Obsidian he said the team was wanting to make a Pillars of Eternity game, that was like Skyrim. So it is possible that could still be the case.

AngelicIceDiamond1574d ago

I agree 100% I guess the comedic take makes it unique but it does need to be a serious AAA with deep story and RPG elements. Memorable characters, moments and gameplay.