Company behind Avenger controller donates $10,000

The company behind the Xbox 360 and PS3 Avenger controllers, N-Control, has donated $10,000 to Child's Play, a video game industry charity that improves childrens' lives throughout 70 hospitals worldwide.

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H2OAcidic3447d ago

I thought it was 50,000?

NeverforgetNES3447d ago

It is $10,000 in cash and $50,000 in Avenger accessories.

-Mika-3447d ago

It nice that you donated but it wasn't necessary. Everyone is mad at the pr rep not you. You're a really small company so it really wasn't in your best interest to donate that.

a7453447d ago

What is this, a cover up for the PR thing?

DarkBlade46583446d ago

I mean they had to do something. Nice gesture but it won't unsmear his name