XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Game Release Master List

XBLA Fans has spent the past week searching the internet and hounding our industry contacts in an effort to compile the ultimate 2012 XBLA Game Release List. XBLA Fans anticipates one heck of a year for Xbox Live Arcade. So epic XBLA Fans couldn’t even fit everything on one page. So without further ado, check out the list.

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5yN4MWQU3552d ago

I love the quality-to-price ratio of these small games!

cain1413552d ago

That is one of my favorite parts!

wordupagain3552d ago

Really want Pid, Retro City Rampage, Alan Wake and Fez.

RyanReynoldsIII3552d ago

So many XBLA games coming in 2012. There's more XBLA games on my most anticipated list of games across all platforms this year than any other previous year.

randomlyrossy3552d ago

Great work with the list, really looking forward to Alan Wake. Can't wait!

cain1413552d ago

I can't wait for skulls of the shogun.

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