[Overlooked Gems] Alpha Protocol

A look at Alpha Protocol, the 2010 espionage/RPG game which was met with mixed reviews. Also: a look at its use of facial hair.

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mobijoker3547d ago

It was not overlooked....but ignored as reviewers harshly deducted marks for tolerable glitches.......It shows how multiple storyline should work......Obsidian should make a sequel and give some polish(as they showed that they can make a polished one in Dungeon Siege 3),i am certain AP has got the power to be genre defining Espionage game....

HebrewHammer3547d ago

Is Dungeon Siege 3 enjoyable? I was considering picking it up given the recent price drop.

mobijoker3544d ago

Its too short compared to DS2 ....
Funny thing is that despite being the most polished game from Obsidian,i find it way less appealing than the buggy ones(New Vegas,KoToR2,Alpha Protocol,NWN2)......
But DS3 is definitely a good game and yeah its about right time to pick the game....

dedicatedtogamers3547d ago

Yeah if you like the branching dialog of games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol is actually the best of them all. It has the most choices, the most options, and the widest variety of ways to accomplish your goals. Too bad the shooting sucks. I usually play stealth/gizmo guy to compensate for that but it's a very good game.

dinkeldinkse3547d ago

It's especially fun being Michael "Piss off everyone besides Sie and Steven Heck" Thornton and killing almost everyone else.

Lord_Sloth3547d ago

Maybe next time it won't lose 6 months of dev time!

I love Alpha Protocol. It had issues but Skyrim won game of the f***ing year with all of it's problems! Why is it okay to hate on 1 game for some glitches that weren't really that bad but praise another game and turn a blind eye to it's horrible, game breaking glitches?

pandehz3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Skyrim glitches werent as annoying as the broken game that is Alpha Protocol.

AP had some major performance problems. Horrible targeting system. Terrible animations. Very clunky movement and control. etc btw didnt even look good in any manner.

The funamentals of AP were quite crap honestly.

Skyrim on PC(cant comment on console versions) I faced the backward dragon and the flying upward after a giant attacks glitch. Both were actually funny and dragon got patched in real quick. Did not face any other bug yet.

The fundamentals of Skyrim is very very strong.

Cant compare the two. Skyrim is in a different league. I wasted my money on AP and didnt go past the second mission after training. It put me off so much.

nolifeking3547d ago

Why do sub-par games always have apologist who try so hard to make you believe "It's not that bad, I liked it."? I mean I love Tango&Cash, but I know it's a dumb ass movie.

TheDivine3547d ago

I loved it but that doesnt mean it didnt have problems. The stealth couldve been better, enemy ai was iffy, bosses sucked, and it needed more techie stuff (gadgets and whatnot) but the foundation for an outstanding franchise is there. The biggest problem is people were expecting splinter cell or a tps when it was a rpg. Shooting sucks until you put points in it then its fine. Most people didnt play enough to level up stealth, guns, get their apartment and see the choices play out. If they ever did a sequel they need the shooting and gameplay spot on from the start and make you get more powerful from leveling, not get better at certain tasks because it was uber clunky at first and first impressions are the most important.