Media Molecule invests millions to stop relying on LittleBigPlanet

Media Molecule spent £4.1 million ($6.3 million) on research and development in its last fiscal year, as the Sony studio seeks to mitigate its risks from relying solely on the LittleBigPlanet franchise.

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RXL4542d ago

afraid of relying on a great/fun franchise?

most developers wish they were so lucky lol..

it's good that they don't want to rely on just one title..

Forbidden_Darkness4542d ago

We can thank Sony for that. A lot of Sony developers are diversifying and working on more then one project now. Naughty Dog is has two teams now, Guerrilla games is working on a new IP, Santa Monica is working on a new IP (and possibly GoW4, plus they are helping out other developers on projects) and so many more. There are so many upcoming games I can't wait to see.

RememberThe3574542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

I'm assuming that this has multiple motivations. When Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us they said that there were people on the team they really wanted to keep so they felt obligated to let them go do whatever they wanted just to keep them around. It seem like it's just one more step on the path Sony has been taking with it's developers. They're all growing as Sony gives them more responsibility, it's like watching a teenager become a man.

But I can also see this new multi-game development being due to them wanting a smoother transition into next gen than they had into this gen. Vita has been a good indication of how Sony wants to put software at the forefront. And having they're best studios working on multiple games will allow them to transition from PS3 to PS4 more seamlessly.

MsclMexican4541d ago

This article actually reminds of a stupid critisism Nintendo fanboys have with Sony.

They complain that they "ditch" old franchises in order to make new ones.

Hey I enjoy Zelda and Mario as much as the next guy... but new IP's do progress the industry...

It does not matter if you are a classic franchise... new franchise are needed in this market dominated by FPS games

metsgaming4542d ago

Whenever they make LBP3 they need to do two thing.

1 - make it a 3d space and not just a side scoller.
2 - get rid of floaty controls

Thats really all they need to do imo. Making it in 3d would make so many more levels possible more interesting things can be done with it. People can remake more game and it will be so much more interesting and fun. Just think someone can remake make from all your favorite shooters etc.

Ducky4542d ago

3D space would be a bit too complicated to work with when you consider the creation tools.
... but it could work.

The floaty controls are kind of the by-product of everything being physics based. That's the price you pay, but I prefer it the way it is right now.

xflo3604542d ago

That is what I was hopeing they were going to do with lbp 2 but alas no!
Imagine the levels you could come up with a 3d space to work with, it would be massive!!

kaozgamer4542d ago

Lbp should just remain a side scroller. But I don't mind if they have it so that you can go into 3d mode to find hidden treasure behind objects.

princejb1344541d ago

like fatoldman said 3d space would be to complicated and would take double the time to make a level
the only problem i had was the floaty controls, i bought lb1 but didnt bother with lb2 cause of that

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mugoldeneagle034541d ago

With the economy the way it's been the past few years I can see why devs wouldn't want to take risks, but why not?

Worst case scenario you make a bad game that's completely different, your first successful franchise gets 2-3 years to breathe then you go back for a sequel.

negroguy4542d ago

lol the comment on the site "Hope Rovio is taking notes."

AtomicGerbil4542d ago

Didn't we already know that MM were working on a new IP and they'd left LBP Vita to another studio.

Forbidden_Darkness4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

Yes, but did you know they were employing 50 more decay or spending that much on R&D? No.

AtomicGerbil4542d ago

This kind of behaviour is normal for game development, maybe I should have a lobotomy so I could be more surprised at normal things.

badz1494542d ago

I don't think so when the likes of CoDs are dominating the market at the moment. Devs are more reliant to their familiar franchise and always try to release them as frequently as possible to garner sales from the existing fan base. fresh new ideas are far and between these days, sadly!

AtomicGerbil4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

What the chuff has CoD got to do with it? If you want to go there though, it costs $40m to $50m to produce a CoD title apparently, and we'd all agree that probably doesn't include R&D so £4.1m isn't all that. Additionally, every year we get the usual Treyarch or IW staffing up for the next CoD.

I'm not knocking MM, I'm a massive fan, just thought this news was a little underwhelming. You should visit their website and read some of their history, that's newsworthy.

sikbeta4542d ago

Vita games, as every PSP game are handled to second tier developers, never the original devs that actually create that IP, always second parties or Sony Bend, which was the best PSP developer and we'll never see another Syphon Filter game ever...

Forbidden_Darkness4542d ago

I can't wait to see what Media Molecule comes up with next. I expect wonderful things from them.

krontaar4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

I was getting tired of LBP, can't see what they unleash next.

EDIT: disagreeing with an opinion? Nice.

Blastoise4542d ago

How can you get tired of Little big planet there are loads of great levels online.

I do look forward to seeing what else they`re coming up with though

ShoryukenII4542d ago

I disagree with your opinion. I am not tired of LittleBigPlanet. So it is fair to disagree with an opinion. Disagreeing with a fact, however, is something else entirely.

Forbidden_Darkness4542d ago

Is it wrong for people to disagree with an opinion because they don't agree with your opinion? From my experience, that's called an opinion. Dah.

kaveti66164542d ago

"disagreeing with an opinion? Nice."

What's wrong with disagreeing with an opinion? That's precisely what the disagree button is for.

krontaar4542d ago

Yeah I kind of realized that after I edited it.

I think i need some sleep.

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