Soul Calibur V gets fat - creating characters (video)

Take a look at this informative video which looks at the process of creating characters in Soul Calibur V. The results are a bit more diverse than the game's predecessor.

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Gearshead753552d ago

Lots of my BBW female can KSA!!!

MuleKick3552d ago

It only looks slightly different from SC4 to me.

Tanir3552d ago

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the video wont load all the way! wtf!

nolifeking3552d ago

Now people can make all the flat chested androgynous women(?) they want. No more whining about glorious racks.

chazjamie3552d ago

that girl looks like my ex. my balls have just dissolved.

RaidensRising3552d ago

Lucky you. At least you had a GF.

Jovahkiin3551d ago

Guys a bit of perv, all 6 of his characters are scantily dressed girls... haha

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