Assassin's Creed finally gets patched

PS3 owners know that playing Assassin's Creed can be a frustrating experience. Ubisoft's much anticipated game suffered a long list of glitches on Sony's black box, which includes mid-load freezing, character movement glitches, and more.

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Frulond5466d ago

mine has froze just 4 times in about... 10-12hrs gameplay, so it doesnt bug me to be honest.

I'll let you know if it freezes again now that it's patched

eLiNeS5465d ago

I already beat the game, twice, and got all the achievements for it! It only froze up once or maybe twice on me, not to bad.


LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL5465d ago

W A I T I N G B 3 Y O N D


BrianC62345465d ago

Isn't the 360 version buggier than the PS3 version? I don't have either but saw a video of the 360 version and the main character had a clone of himself running around. No mention of that in the PS3 version.

B Man5465d ago (Edited 5465d ago )

Regardless or not if for some reason that doesn't bug you... something is definately FING wrong.

To the guy above, I own the xbox version and I can tell you from what i've read about the PS3 version... the xbox version is no where NEAR as buggy. The game has yet to freeze and i'm about 13 hours into it. Only problem i've run across is framing.

xsteinbachx5465d ago

you can't just say " from what i read " because from what I'VE read you're wrong. you really shouldnt state information unless you're correct or own 2 copies of the game for both machines.

Kaze885465d ago

Seriously tell me how is it that ps3 version is more buggy?

Only thing what i noticed was pop ups,frames can bounce,freezing (i completed it about in 13h and i frozed twice.) There was an one pach before (i didnt froze at all since that), so are they releasing another patch or is this the same patch?
I had not other problems at all. By the way brian if you go and read ubisoft forums theres x0 owners who are experiencing freezing aswell.

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gamesR4fun5465d ago

Hasnt froze in a long time on mine assumed they'd patched it already.

Cusco5465d ago

I wonder if after it gets patched they'll actually incorporate the changes into the new discs.

duarteq5465d ago

I bought the game, played, never had problems, installed patch, never had problems. It´s a reall great game. Really nice vision of world.

I feel sorry for Sony because let go one of best games around at the moment as non exclusive


lonestarmt5465d ago

hasn't froze on me either. weird

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The story is too old to be commented.