Infinite Ammo Presents “Ender Quest: Trine”

Infinite Dictionary:

Ender Quest (En-DURR kwest): A gamer’s unrelenting quest to finally complete a game, whether for the story or for Trophies and Achievements (or both).

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Trine 2 just came out: with it came fond memories of the action/side-scrolling platformer that started the franchise, Trine.

I started Trine half a year ago: having heard how good it was and taking a chance in the Playstation Store, I downloaded Trine and was very pleased. Never heard of Trine? Well here’s what it’s about.

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Drabent3551d ago

"Infinite Ammo" thought its was something about CoD lol~

chaos_mechanica3548d ago

Sorry! We've been getting that confusion a lot. We just thought it was one of those age-old gamer things... Probably one of the longest-lasting game cheats/unlockables ever used. Hopefully you can enjoy our site though!