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Parasite Eve II has almost nothing left to be considered an RPG, but that wouldn't matter if the core game were enjoyable. Its constantly aggravating control issues make that a challenge, and in tandem with the irritating inventory and befuddling battle views the package is a constant chore. The game does a few things well enough, but the experience of playing it involves never-ending frustration. No wonder Square left the Parasite Eve IP dormant for eleven years after this.

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Chrono2935d ago

This terrible site still exists?

specialguest2935d ago

I don't remember PE2 being as bad as the 1.5 rating would suggest.

Troll-without-Bridge2935d ago

ªits not, the reviewer is just full of himself.

Megaman_nerd2935d ago

PE2 wasn't as good as the first one but it still was a very good game.

Denethor_II2935d ago Show