MSI launches GT783 gaming laptop, burns through Battlefield 3

Another day, another behemoth of a laptop packing some super-charged components for the demanding, but mobile, gamer out there.

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hiredhelp4288d ago

course it will it has a gtx580m.

RedDead4288d ago

m at the end really shi*s all over everything. Bit of advice for anyone, if ya want a gaming pc, get a PC and never ever get a laptop for gaming

CoD5114288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

Which iirc, is equal to a GTX560 or lower in a desktop PC. And considering none of the desktop cards can run BF3 on Ultra with a solid 60FPS... Depends what you're looking for in the end but I know what I'll be buying.

hiredhelp4287d ago

Well setting aside the frame rate issue.
I have just bought my misses a samsung laptop with i5 but a 520m. actually visually its very good plays on ultra too burns the battery witch to be expected.
sure diesnt have all the bling mine has on my pc gtx 560 Kfa2. but its dam nearly scary close.

ive yet to test fraps on it i will do that next mind you shes blowing mw3 out the water at the moment on it.

BTW CoD511 on ultra i get over 50fps just tweak few settings like your res or msaa composate.
that said laptops come along way only thing they ned to really start concerntrating on more same with mobiles is battery life.

dredgewalker4288d ago

It will also burn through your pockets. With the money you spend on that laptop you can get a much more powerful gaming desktop pc.

Snookies124288d ago

Don't forget it burns your legs if you have it on your lap lol! Can't imagine how hot that thing must get... :\

hellvaguy4288d ago

They dont get very hot in those gaming platforms. Havent for years now. Ive owned a few asus g73 gaming laptops over the years.

Keep in mind all the laptop components use about a 1/4 the energy draw/heat as the desktop counterparts. Also laptop parts dont perform nearly as fast as a desktops either. So a 580M is about a year+ behind the performance of the desktop 580. Quite decieving marketing tbh.

rattletop4288d ago

still cheaper than alienware

hellvaguy4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

Its apples and oranges. 2 different categories and purposes. Obviously a desktop is cheaper and better performing, but I need a laptop for work and on the go. Hence I cannot pack my desktop inside my briefcase and use it in a hotel room to game with.

Also, even at home, a laptop is super nice to use on your favorite recliner/lazy-boy chair. I've tried to come up with a way to game on my recliner with my desktop, but havent come up with a good one yet. The closest way would be to have a wireless keyboard and mouse and play on a t.v., but thats still real hard to with an mmo where you need to click on all those little boxes for your spells.

Animals_as_Leaders4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

I wonder if people realise that a gtx580m is equivalent to a gtx260 in power...a mid range desktop GPU from mid way through 2008....

I guess not.

People never learn. 'Gaming laptops' < ( lol ) are massively underpowered for what you pay for.

The top row is the gtx260's: pixel fill rate, texture fill rate, and bandwidth...the lower row is the gtx580.

Pixel:16.128, Texture: 41.472, Bandwidth: 111.9

Pixel:19.8, Texture: 39.7, Bandwidth: 96.0

If by burn they mean 'the laptop sets on fire because of cramped components which struggle to run the game at 30 frames on medium at at only 1280x720' then yes, it sure will burn.

The 'fastest' < ( lol again ) laptop GPU is slower than a 3.5 year old mid range card...

hellvaguy4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )


Your correct as far as desktops being alot faster than the laptop counterpart, but you went a bit far in exaggerating the 3.5 year gap in the technologies. I play warcraft and star wars: old repulic both in 1920×1080 at 60 frames per sec. I can drop down to 45 fps in a major town, but thats not any lag that I notice (has to get below about 20-25fps to have observable lag).

I use this guy here: http://www.newegg.com/Produ...

Animals_as_Leaders4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

"I play warcraft and star wars: old repulic both in 1920×1080 at 60 frames per sec"

What GPU/CPU are you using?

I guarantee both are faster than what is in this laptop.

Also WoW is not exactly Battlefield 3 visually....so saying you get 60 frames in wow ( with unnamed components ) does not somehow make this laptop capable of playing BF3 at decent settings, res and framerate, something it simply cannot do.

As for the 3.5 year gap...no I am not joking. The gtx260 came out in july 2008. That's 3.5 years ago, and it's still more powerful than a gtx580m.

Mutley4164288d ago

the Asus is a great laptop.

OpenGL4288d ago

Pixel fill rate and memory bandwidth are only two metrics of performance, and in reality have a small effect on the overall performance of the GPU especially then they're that close.

A Geforce GTX 280 has a higher texel fill rate than the GTX 570 but that doesn't mean its faster, in reality it's considerably slower. The 580M will probably beat the 260 in just about everything, and it supports DirectX 11, while using considerably less power.

Comparing desktop hardware to laptop hardware is pretty silly because laptops have to deal with considerably lower power and thermal envelopes, so it's obvious why they cannot compete with the bleeding edge of desktop hardware. I personally think the 580M does a commendable job considering all of these other requirements it has to meet.

arjman4287d ago

You're wrong about the 580m, it's equivalent to a desktop GTX 560 which in itself is slightly faster than a GTX 285. The technology gap between top end laptop GPU's and desktop GPU's is not 3.5 years, if anything the top end laptop GPU's are always as powerful the mid range desktop parts.

CaulkSlap4287d ago

It would be nice to have that kind of cash to throw away. A comparable desktop costs about 1/4 of that.


Battlefield Needs the Glory Days of BF3 and Bad Company 2 Back

Whether it comes through remakes or a new game with a similar style, DICE should aim to revive the glory days of Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2.

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masterfox324d ago

hmmm I think there will be no old BF glory days for EA since they are loyal to their greediness and laziness :D

Knightofelemia323d ago

You're asking for a miracle with EA that will never happen unless they can exploit the money making schemes behind it.

MadLad323d ago

We'll see what happens now that Zampella is overlooking the series.

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Father__Merrin323d ago

Anyone that wants to plat bf3 you can still go ahead and play it