Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax – Turns into Mission Impossible

GNT: Now I’m not saying that Professor Genki is going to feature in the next installment of Mission Impossible, or that Tom Cruise makes an appearance, oh no, I’m on about something far worse… The inability to complete a game, or achieve achievements (yes I whore), due to the game glitching out.

Now for those who have played the game, will know that this is how Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax is meant to look like...

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LycanSoldier2531d ago

It's probably caused when you reach a certain multiplier, I believe around 5x score, a Rising Sun-esque image blocks a lot of the screen.
The screenshot looks like a jacked up version of it.

I'd suggest anyone experiencing this, if they haven't already, to install the game to Hard Drive. Sometimes that little trick can cure some weird little glitches.

ElliePage2531d ago

It must only be the 360 version then. I've got everything upgraded and Platinum'd the game on PS3 and I have no problems with it especially when it comes to multipliers. If it's not a known glitch in the 360 version then it's probably his 360 about to die on him.