10 Xbox 360 Exclusives PlayStation 3 Owners Desperately Want

from the feature article:

"If there’s one video game system that is thriving with exclusive franchises, it’s the PlayStation 3. Over the past year (and leading into the next), the system will see plenty of titles that won’t be on other consoles, including Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Uncharted 3 and Infamous 2. But that doesn’t mean PS3 owners aren’t dreaming of Xbox 360 exclusives in their system; our top 10 choices are after the cut."

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UltimaEnder2477d ago

Although I love the 360 I have to say IMO the Playstation 3 exclusives list was stronger than this one....thank god for third party games!

Emilio_Estevez2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Agreed, I would really only care for 3, maybe 4 of those, and the others I would have no interest whatsoever. Even of those 3/4, I'm not "desperate" enough to fix my 360 or get a new one.

Dante1122477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Lol, great list.

Perfect Dark
Halo 4
Splosion Man
Kinect Sports
The Gunstringer
Dance Central 2
Forza Motorsport 4
Gears of War 3
Alan Wake

I personally recommend Alan Wake as well as Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.

darthv722477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

is a really good game.

On this stage it is pretty cheap to own both platforms yet those that still dont have their reasons. To each their own.

blitz06232477d ago

What makes them think ps3 owners want kinect games...

gamingdroid2477d ago

Ironically, based on that list the Xbox 360 successfully became a console that is for everyone similar to how PS2 catered to a larger demographic.

kreate2477d ago

The list is extremely depressing but i agree with dante.

Alan wake and ace combat.

If u guys are not aware, ace combat saved the 360 in japan in the early years.

And of course halo and gears. I would also add fable.

darthv722477d ago

That was intentional. MS studied the success of the PS2 and built their 360 platform to cater to the 3rd party developer more so than investing $$$$ into dedicated 1st party studios.

Their primary goal was to make a next gen system that programmers would flock to and build a diverse library of games much like the PS2 and PS1 had respectably.

It gets panned for not catering to the core when it wasnt even the core that made the ps1 and ps2 such huge sellers. Core games contribute but the majority of titles on those other platforms were so diverse they could almost all be lumped into the casual market.

You can only sell to one demographic for so long before it becomes saturated.

jaosobno2477d ago

Only game on that list I would like to play is Gears (I finished Gears 1/2 on X360 until I replaced it with PS3). I also recognize Forza as a great driving game (but I would pick GT5 over it).

Everything else is complete garbage.

Biggest2477d ago

"Ironically, based on that list the Xbox 360 successfully became a console that is for everyone similar to how PS2 catered to a larger demographic."

Yeah... No. Based on that list the Xbox 360 has shown itself to be thin in the exclusives arena. Don't act as if the PS3 doesn't have similar games of equal quality already. That list looks the way it does because there aren't many choices. Spin it how you want, but you know the truth.

ApplEaglElephant2477d ago

Why are fanboys keep making excuses for MS to why they abandoned hardcore gamers?

You know they could have catered to both casual and hardcore instead of abandoning one.

your excuses are weak.

MaxXAttaxX2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Why would PS3 owners "desperately" want Kinect games? LOL
Forza is great, but you know, I already have GT.

@ gamingdroid,
Nice spin. But the PS3 list also had quite a varied selection of games.
From Sly Cooper to God Of War. Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, MotorStorm and Infamous, GT, Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet.
Among other games including more "casual" games which couldn't make the list, of course.

darthv722477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

actually what that list shows is the subjective appeal of those who picked the games.

Its no surprise that each person will have their own personal list of games they would like to see from one platform on another. Hell I'd like to see a mario game on either ps3 or 360 due to the controls but we know that wont happen.

In fact, up until sega departed the console market there were always people saying they would like to see sonic on another platform and now they can.

Point is that before I had a ps3 i said it would be nice to see what naughty dog or insomniac could do with the 360 hardware knowing they were able to do such good work on the ps3 hardware. Granted it wont be a resistance game but insomniac doing something for 360 owners is as equal to bungie doing something for ps3 owners.

Yes both games will be multiplatform but it turns things upside down for a little bit but then everything goes back to normal. To alleviate such debate about this game should be on that platform it just makes better sense to have both.

If you cant have both then so be it.

@apple...i can see how you might think that. Yet when i think of the term abandon I can only think of the 1st xbox. That was abandonment right there.

I wont lie to myself and say what they have done is good nor will I please the court and say its bad either. We can agree to disagree.

EVILDEAD3602477d ago

LMAO @ Planet Xbox 360 like many fan blogger sites CLEARLY going out of their way to make the worst list they could.

Like I said in the other one neithert console owners are 'desperate' for either consoles exclusives..but if your going to write the article why not actually try to put the best.

These are the games I would have chosen from (and I could care less if some are on PC or not)

Halo Reach/Halo Anniversary
Halo Anniversary
Gears of War (Series)
Mass Effect (Only console to play complete series)
Forza 3 Ultimate edition/Forza 4
Alan Wake
Fable 2
Lost Oddysey
Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
Crackdown (original)
Shadow Complex
Splinter Cell Conviction
Condemned Series
Super Meat Boy
Perfect Dark HD
Metro 2033
Call of Duty 2 (Last true Infinity Ward WW2 game)

Upcoming games

Halo 4
Witcher 2

Just to name some of the games that are out there or coming for the 360.

But just the fact, that they put Kinectimals into a top 10 360 list when trying to compare it to the PS3 proves their new name should be Planet Sabatoge.


kikizoo2477d ago

[email protected] list too evil fanboy, the best one are also pc games (so not exclusives)...only gear and alan wake could be bought by ps3 owners, since they have many more, and better exclusives to play (+ multiplatforms).

PS3 owners can have a xbox since 2006, you can't say the same thing for xbox owners and ps3, it's the reason why ps3 gamers don't even talk about xbox, and don't are desperated haters, like you are since 2006 (+ the fact ms don't make enough exclusives to be jealous about)

Perjoss2477d ago

There are a few great 360 exclusives that people always forget to mention, like: Lost Odyssey, Kameo, Project Sylpheed, the Project Gothams and Blue Dragon.

Frankfurt2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

How are those exclusives of the PS3 selling? And how are they allowing the pS3 to take first place in sales?

Newsflash: MS invested heavily on exclusives early on, even JRPG exclusives, and outside of Halo and Gears, they saw what every Sony fan knows: Exclusives don't sell, neither they sell consoles. The Uncharteds of the world even need to be packed in with consoles to even reach 4 or 5 million.

By the way, the 360 STILL has more exclusives total than the PS3. Wikipedia has the lists. Check them.

Cyrax_872477d ago

looks like you're wrong Frankfurt. Sony having more exclusives this year leads to more games sold.

Gears 3 - 5.7
Forza 4 - 1.79

7.49 million

Uncharted 3 - 3.15
LBP2 - 2.27
Killzone 3 - 2.15
Socom 4 - 640k
MLB11 The Show - 450k
RaC A4O - 680k
Disgaea 4 - 330k
inFamous 2 - 1.09

10.76 million

Hicken2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

They're selling pretty damn well. Good job trying to disqualify the sales by perpetuating the "bundle" argument, as if none of the big sellers on 360 have ever been bundled with a system. Oh, and for the record, about the only games that actually SELL SYSTEMS are exclusives. People don't say, "Well, since Call of Duty is on both systems, that means I HAVE to have it on 360." Trying to argue that is ignorant.

More importantly, you should be asking about the quality. Of course, you won't, but we all know that, by and large, PS3 exclusives are quality, and plentiful. But that's not the issue here, as much as you and others would like to shift things.

On topic: My list would be considerably different from this one. In fact, Gears, Alan Wake, and Forza are it. Other notables:

Lost Odyssey (which I already own)
Mass Effect (which I already own)
Blue Dragon
Steins;Gate (which would need to be imported)
Last Remnant/Infinite Undiscovery
Tales of Vesperia

In all honesty, this list would have come out better if it had gone over the life of the system, instead of just this past year or so.

Edit: I left off Perfect Dark, too. Love that series.

Megaton2477d ago

Problem with the 360 is that their best "exclusives" are usually better on PC, as shown by EVILDEAD360's list. 360 fans attempting to re-define the word "exclusive" is definitely among the more bizarre phenomena of the last few years.

trouble_bubble2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

You're even missing out some better sellers than ones like Disgaea.

Yakuza 4 800k
Resistance 3 920k
ICO/SOTC HD Collection 570k

That's 500k more than Forza 4 right there. Hey, HD Collections are games too.Sorry Frankfurt, but you just ate crow. The numbers are there, they're just spread out over more than 2 games. One could even throw on another 430k for DC Universe before free to play. It just keeps going.

Cyrax_872477d ago

Whoops, I knew I was forgetting a few games. With Yakuza and Resistance, that's 12.48 million.

sikbeta2477d ago

I love PS Exclusives more than anoyone, but I hate how SCE just forget about their IPs when a new console hits, why don't just build a frachise in one console generation and expand it in the upcoming ones, that has been pretty much the rule for almost every successful game out there

trenso12477d ago

yea im not desperate for any of those games especially the kinect games. maybe halo 4 but i would lose interest quickly. an ok list i guess but nothing i would go out and buy a new console for

P_Bomb2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

What's been forgotten?

Killzone, God of War, Twisted Metal, WipEout, Warhawk, Socom, Gran Turismo, Sly Cooper, Ratchet&Clank, Yakuza are all exclusives from the PS2/PS1 era with current gen games as well.

Betcha Syphon Filter and Jak'n'Daxter will come back eventually too.

Still waiting for current gen entries in the multiplat Suffering, Manhunt, True Crime and Doom series. I'd love to see a Golgo13 reboot as well.

sikbeta2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )


Please, read this again : "why don't just build a frachise in one console generation and expand it in the upcoming ones" this means, make a new game and expand it with sequels in upcoming generations, an example: MGS= PS1 + MGS2= PS2 - MGS3= PS2 + MGS4= PS3, see?

Killzone: coming from PS2 performing so-so, 2 sequels in the same generation, KZ3 performing worse than KZ2, leaving no room to expand the franchise as there is no substantial growth, even though KZ2 was more successful than the first iteration, seems like they just released sequels and hope they did good

God of War: coming from PS2, the only franchise handled half correctly, launch GOWII on PS2 while PS3 "haz no games" for almost 2 years, makes GOWIII on PS3, great sales, franchise shows growth compared to other IPs, now rumors saying GOWIV will be released for PS3, making the same mistake again, so when PS4 hits, it'll "haz no games" again missing an strong known franchise possible system seller for PS4 and franchise would either be forgotten on the PS4 or suffer franchise fatigue if it's even get another sequel

Twisted Metal: coming form PS2, sequel of great game TM:B that didn't sell good enough, thrown away in February, no real hype or advertising push for it, sales would not be as good, maybe better than Black, hoping it'll see the light of the day in another PS console

WipEout: flagship title for years, now released as a DD game, limiting its exposure, I can't see dd sales being better than retail

Gran Turismo: the real Flaghisp title of PlayStation, 5th iteration released 5 years after console launch, why? again PD working late on PS2 while PS3 was around the corner, smartest move for Sony should be GT6 as PS4 launch title

Sly Cooper, Ratchet&Clank: coming from PS2, see sales decline as it suffers franchise fatigue, why? many iterations in the same console (PS2) plus PSP games as well

Yakuza: so many iterations in the same console, will suffer franchise fatigue

Socom: "elite" game, sees decline as first PS3 iteration is crap, Socom4 different to its predecesors, sees decline as well

Warhawk: good one, change it to Starhawk, expand it in a different way, hopes it'll receive an Starhawk sequel on the PS4

You know, they could have done what I'm asking with Uncharted, while U2 was at the top, leaving it at that and release U3 on next console, riding on U2 success could make the sequel a huge game, way bigger than it's now

SilentNegotiator2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Forza?! *Atomic facepalm*

Right, and DS gamers desperately want PSP's Invizimals. /s

Gran Turismo. That's all that needs to be said.

Army_of_Darkness2477d ago

I just came here to LOL at the article.

P_Bomb2477d ago


I know what you meant, and I thought of Metal Gear. Here's my take on the expansions this gen'.

KZ2 blew away KZ1 in everything from production values and gameplay to online and critical/commercial acclaim. You couldn't ask for a better turnaround. Expanded to Killzone Liberation on PSP and KZ3 which sales wise is actually on pace to outsell KZ2 lifetime if you look at estimates. Both games have passed 2 million with KZ3 doing it in less than a year.

GOW Collection saw big sales as an HD Collection launching the movement. Expansion to PSP saw more critical and commercial acclaim and another well produced HD comp' for PS3. GOW3 becomes best selling iteration in the series and garnered more critical acclaim. Can't complain at all.

Twisted Metal:
PS3 version out in month and a half. Honestly can't complain at this point. Premature. Might suck, might be great. We'll see come Valentine's day.

Never a AAA series on PS1 but became the go-to PSN game early in PS3's life. Big technical improvement as well as good sales and critical regard. Expansion with DLC, PSP and PS Vita iterations as well.

Sly Cooper:
New game comes out this year. Can't complain. HD Collection well recieved by critics, technically very well done as well. No franchise fatigue as it's been many years since the last Sly game which only sold 650,000. Nowhere to go but up.

Big title at console launch, 89 meta avg. Expansion to PSP and PSN exclusives. All4One the only real misstep in franchise but still on pace for a mil' lifetime. Good case could be made for burnout but the initial jump to PS3 was a big quality leap. Sales on par or better than PS2 iterations like Deadlocked, Size matters, Up your Arsenal.

Best sales and commercial acclaim in the series with the two PS3 iterations despite half the PS2 install base. Can't complain. Spinoffs on PSP imports. Zombie spinoff in a few months not part of main mythology. Next *new* game next year. Can't complain.

Only true downfall on the list imo. Fewer sales, critically panned, technically underwhelming. Lost its crown as online Playstation king.

Total turnaround from PS1 game. Improvement in every sense from production and gameplay, to sales and critical reception. Starhawk spinoff later this year. Can't complain.

PS3 best selling exclusive and best selling racing sim this gen overall. Expansion to PSP. Prologue demo top seller as well. Can't complain. Definitely not overexposed.

Trebius2477d ago

Never seen so much spin to protect a console. This list is sad ... end of story.

And to say PS3 owners DESPERATELY want Dance Cent4ral and Kinectimals (lol) is pure ... pure ... hilarity.

snipes1012477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I love my Xbox. I play it more than my PS3. But good god do I know there are certain things that I should just not talk about. This being exclusives.

Open your eyes people, there just aren't as many on the Xbox and except for a few, aren't anywhere near some of the stuff popping up on the PS3. These articles are just an embarrassment.

This just shows that MS really needs to get their act together where exclusives are concerned. They shuttered their sports games division, they threw Bizarre to the dogs at Activison, they let Bungie get away, they are doing NOTHING good with Rare (anyone who says making them work on lame Kinect titles is good for them is out of their mind in my opinion).

Continuing along: they disbanded FASA, the studio responsible for Mechwarrior, they only ever released one Crimson Skies game (after the first game's success, this is just insane), we haven't heard anything about MecAssault all generation, no Jet Set Radio sequel, no Perfect Dark sequel. They're just fucking up so monumentally where their exclusives are concerned it's almost maddening.

Tonester9252477d ago

@sikbeta Like This... DISGRACE

Darkfocus2477d ago Show
RIP_Weazel2477d ago

The Gunstringer, Alan Wake and Gears of War are the only ones that i'd remotely be interested in.

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TheHater2477d ago

For a site call planetxbox360, you sure do love talking about other platform exclusives to justify your console purchase.

I don't know which is sadder, that someone wannabe video game journalist actually made this list up or the fact that you are trying to justify the purchase of your console of choice because of multiplatform games.

Majin-vegeta2477d ago

Maybe only Halo 4 for me if i want Perfect Dark i'll play it on the N64 other than that the rest don't interest me.

gamingdroid2477d ago

Ironically, they made the exact same article for PS3 owners:

"10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives Xbox 360 Owners Desperately Want"

I suppose they justified it for PS3 owners as well!

TheHater2477d ago

I am pretty sure that halfass site isn't call
I am also pretty sure PlayStation or Nintendo driven sites aren't writing about "10 Xbox 360 Exclusives PlayStation 3 Owners Desperately Want" or "10 Xbox 360 Exclusives Wii Owners Desperately Want"

My point being is that PlanetXbox360 talks more about other platforms exclusives than actual Xbox 360 exclusive.

JoySticksFTW2477d ago

I actually respect planetxbox360 for admitting that great games aren't only on their platform

They seem to be Xbox360 fans; not Xbox 360 fanboys

There's a difference

Frankly wish more media members and gamers were as well-rounded and acknowledged other systems' great games and benefits.

We all may have our preference. I'm a PS3 fan, but I'm glad I have a 360 also because they are some gems.

My 360 favorites are Dead Rising 1, Mass Effect 1, Lost Odyssey, Crackdown 1, GeOW series, and I'll admit it... Ninja Blade (cheesy, mindless, over-the-top action goodness).

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TruthSeeker2477d ago

I don't desperatly want any of those games. My xbox broke so im gettin a PS3 b/c of all the great exclusives. Ill miss Gears but i wont lose any sleep over it.

ReservoirDog3162477d ago

I have a 360 but rarely use it but I would want 8 and 7 on the PS3 so I can play it easier (just not easy to play in the room the 360's in, yeah). Plus they said the Alan Wake dlc is better than the actual game and my 360 has no internet. And that also makes Splosion Man impossible to get too.

ilovemyps32477d ago

I'm a ps3 diehard fan,you can read all my posts,I will defend it the best I can.
Actually,my first he console was a 360. I had call of duty 2,pgr3,and another 3 games I cant remember. I paid alot for the console and those 5 games.
I played maybe 50 hours,and suddenly the dashboard started freezing.I was so disgusted and sad.I had a video projector,and wasnt able to play,anymore.
I then called microsoft,and they decided to fix it.they sent me the dhl box.I put the Xbox inside the dhl box,but actuality,never sent it for fixing.its still in a shelf.because I had bought a ps3,I didnt even care about fixing the,its still there,in the box.this year,I will pick a hammer AMD a driller,and will do a video of me,drilling and making a big hole on that piece of flawed shit.
Microsoft sold the console knowing it was flawed.they didnt respect me and my money,that's why,for me,Xbox brand is over,at least,for this generation.I hope 720 will be awesome,I want to buy one.

Enough said.with what I stated above,I don't give a phok about that matter how good or bad it is,I don't care.

I've been enjoying about 100 excellent games on my ps3,since day one,I think there's no need to list all the good games already know them.right now,im playing arkham city,played about 10 hours,only did 16% of the story.this game is excellence,and huge.2 days ago,I found mass effect 2,new,in a local shop,for less then 20 bucks.I grabbed it,great price,and great game.another 10-20 hours with my dualshock3.I can't wait.

Honnestly,these days,who really needs a Xbox 360? What for?
Halo gears forza halo gears forza halo gears forza.guys,free yourself,take a little money,stop your pride,and buy a ps3.
It's all I can say.

ReservoirDog3162477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )


Haha, yeah I know the 360 hardware was pretty flawed from the start. Mine never RROD-ed but the disc drive magnet thing broke and that wasn't covered on their warranty. I bought another one to tell you the truth since it was about the same price when I sold the broken one to gamestop and put in the rest.

But as the years passed, I stopped using my 360 and just used my PS3. I guess people should be hurt over that but that's how things are.

End of the day, there's fun stuff on the 360. But I prefer my PS3. But to those guys who love Halo, well, they made their choice. Let them be I guess.

MariaHelFutura2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

The best exclusive 360 titles are Tales Of Vesperia, Alan Wake and Lost Oddessy.

TheHater2477d ago

I agree. I think Lost Oddessy is one of the most underrated games this generation. I just wish the story and soundtrack was a little better.

Tales is also on the PS3 and not a fan of Alan Wake. Crackdown 1 was pretty fun too

KonaBro2477d ago

Only exclusive there is LO and that was decent at best.

vortis2477d ago

Nah, nah, nah...Forza 4 beats e'm out easy. Livery Car Clubs FTW!

Muitnorts2477d ago

Yeah it's kinda funny starting the list with two games that huge 360 owners don't even want as exclusives themselves...
That being said Alan Wake was a fantastic game.

Prophet-Gamer2477d ago

*rubs eyes*

What the heck is this? Are they serious? Most of these are kinect games and few downloadable titles. The only really games in that list are halo, gears and forza (the typical 3) along with Alan Wake.

I mean seriously, I want most of these games to keep far away from my PS3. That last thing I want is for SONY to go down the casual route like MS has so gladly done. This is laughable. Talk about grasping for straws.

Moentjers2477d ago

My guess ? They are trying to make a point towards MS... give us more decent games !!!

harrisk9542477d ago

I wouldn't mind Alan Wake and Splosion Man.

showtimefolks2477d ago

for me personally

gears of war
left for dead
alan wake

and that's about it, games like crackdown and alan wake would so good on ps3 i believe they would sell better on ps3.

but all these are not happening this deep into this gen most gamers can afford to have both ps3/xbox360

witcher 2 pretty soon yeh buddy

JetLifer2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Im sorry but if i wouldn't lose one single wink of sleep if i never played any of these titles...

I mean LOOK AT THIS PATHETIC LIST!!! This is the absolute best that MS has to offer their customers? Every one of these games besides forza are OLD news by now...

Halo, Forza, and Gears is all MS has and bungie is gone so... They are too busy putting hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars into DLC for multi platform games instead of developing new IPs and aquiring developers.

I feel bad for hardcore gamers who can only afford one system and picked a 360. Have fun with Kinectamals and dance central i guess... *Shrugs

_Aarix_2477d ago

This list wasnt really the best. First off, no ones desperate for any other game. If they were, theyd get the playform that the game is on. Anyway this is my personal list.

1) lost odyssey/blue dragon
2) halo reach
3) gears of war trilogy
4) fable 2
5) splinter cell conviction
6) forza
7) Splosion man/ super meat boy
8) Ace combat 6
9) alan wake
10) shadow complex

Why o why2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I don't like every single one of those games but that's a proper list. no kinect in there at all. planet x360 should of ran with your list. pity it has dl games in there but I'd defiantly prefer those over the full price kinect games they put.

on further reading it seems this list was just a troll ploy by the website. They definitely got paid through hits and coms......touche

cannon88002477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

No offense but that's a pretty poor collection of games. The only awesome ones are gears, forza and halo. So that makes three games that I would like to have on PlayStation, not ten. Of course, this is only my opinion.

rezzah2477d ago

The main game I want from the 360 is Alan Wake. I just like those types of games.

andibandit2477d ago

That list is stupifying

at least replace Kinectimals and Gunstringer with
Trials HD

baodeus2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

MS VS. Sony Exclusives by Genra and include:
1. Rating (60 and up, top rating of the series only)
2. Sales
3. No Remakes HD crap

Halo 3 -94, ~12mil
L4D - 89, ?
PD 0 - 81
metro 2033 - 77
Brothers: hellhighway - 76
Shadowrun - 66

KZ 2 - 92, ~3-4mil
Resistance 2 - 87
MAG - 76

Gears 1 - 94, ~6-7mil

UC2 - 96, ~5mil
Socom 4 - 67

ME1: -91,
Fable 2: -89, ~4mil
ToV -79
BD -79
LO -78, ~800k
Magna Carta 2 -69
Infinite Undiscovery -68
Last Remnant -66
Too Human -65

Demon soul -89
Valkyria Chronicles -86
Disgaea 4 -80
Folklore -75
Atelier Totori -74
Atelier Rorona -65
Ar Tonelico Qoga -61
WKC -60

SC conviction -85

MGS4 -94, ~5-6mil

Dead Rising -85
Ninja Blade -68

GoW -92
Heavenly Sword -79
Sengoku Basara -61
something Legend?

Forza 3: -92, ~4-5mil
PGR 3 -88, ?
MotoGP06 -80
Race Pro -72

Wipeout HD -89
GT -84, ~7-8mil
modnation Racers -82
Motor Storm PR -82

[Sand Box]
Crackdown -83

Infamous -85
Yakuza 4 -78

Alan Wake -83
condemned 1 -81
Deadly Premonition -68

Heavy Rain -87
Siren -78

Viva pinata -84
Kameo EoP -79
BK nutsbolts -79

LBP -95
Ratchet&clank ToD -89

DOA4 -85
Naruto Broken bond -80

Naruto UNS -75

Halo Wars -82
Ninety-Nine Nights -61

Under siege -69

[flight simulator/action]
ace combat -78
Chromehounds -71
EDF -69
Wartech -60

Warhawk -84

Top Spin 2 -75

MLB10 -91


DC Universe -67

Dance Central 2 -86
kinectimal -78
Gunstringer -77
Disneyland Adven -73
Kinect Sports -73
Kinect Adventure -61

singstar -82
sports champions -76
Get Fit Mel B -73
eyepet -70
House of the Dead -75

Portal Still Alive -90
Geometry Wars 2 -90
Super Meat Boy -90
PlantvsZombies -89
shadow complex -88
Bastion -86
Outland -84
splosion man -84
N+ -83
iron brigade -83
Dishwasher vampire -81
Assault heroes -79
Crimson Alliance -72

Flower -87
PixelJunk -87
Shatter -86
Super Stardust HD -85
comet crash -83
everyday shooter -83
Hustle King -81
Renegade Ops -80
Lumines Supernova -80
Fat Princess -79
Singularity -77
Callings all Cars -74
Age of Booty -74

Feel Free to contribute to the list (sales, games,etc...) but have to be confined to the rating criteria and no HD remake of LAST GEN games.

So are Sony and MS that far apart in exclusives, variety or quality games? I don't think so.

fallingdove2477d ago

What a complete waste of time..

baodeus2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )


I agree, :D and that planetx360 list is pretty crappy.

although i had this save in a file a long time ago (a little update here and there if needed) so it really takes me only a couple of second to copy and paste. The list isn't perfect (99 night is suppost to be hack&slash instead of RTS) and a bunch of arcade/dowloadable on live/psn might be multiplatforms (not sure...too many) and some Ps3 games are more like arcade section, but they are pretty good so i treat it as full games.

But give and take, that is a pretty up to date list of games that are out now. Where do people see more variety/exclusives/quality, etc... on ps3?

If you say some of those are on PC, meaning u guys factor in PC for the discussion, then we have to include all MS games that are on PC as well. We could add another list including MS games for pc too if you guys prefer adding pc to the mix. Or we can stick to what available/not available on x360 vs ps3?

And please don't use handheld games:

1. MS and Sony have to be in the same market for comparison (Sony have some games for PC as well, but MS aren't in handheld market)
2. Handheld can't be compare to consoles/PC now would it?

only 7 disagrees, much lower than what i expected. Wondering when will I ever get some decent debate rather than empty disagree? :(

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for the lol you gave me planet xbx

edit: i thought this was a parody of the ps3 list

easternbalboa2477d ago

we dont want your exclusives shove em up your ass

farhad2k82477d ago

I've owned a PS3 since launch, and recently bought my first 360 in the Christmas Sales. I've got the Halo collection and Gears collection. Only played an hour of each, and it's just not the same quality as PS3.
It feels like they were cut out to be multiplayer only games for some reason?

zero_cool2477d ago

Technically those games are owned by the Microsoft corporation itself & are released exclusively on the platforms that support an Microsoft operating system which includes tablets,smart phones,personal computers ect...that Microsoft chooses to release them on.

P.S..So in all fairness the only Microsoft exclusives that can be accounted for on xbox 360 are the ones that stay on the xbox 360 only.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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LaurenKB1232477d ago

Hope to get some big exclusive news from E3; also I would add Star Wars and MGS kinect games...

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Sony has bagged it with exclusives so has Nintendo, the next Xbox maybe indeep trouble soon I dont even like tje PS3 a big media player we are gamers.

Why would a PS3 gamer want forZa over gt5 it would mever ever happen if gt5 n forza was on each console forza wil just be blown out of the water for sure.

Developers really should push for multiplatform consoles to join up with each other. It would be a much better way.

Halochampian2477d ago

I own both games. I own all the main GT releases and only own forza 4 and I can honestly say that Forza 4 is a better game.

And before anyone says its because its easier or I use rewind, I turn all of that off with no ABS or anything with Manual w/ Clutch.

The races seem more realistic and there aren't any bad looking cars and tracks ruining the experience.

The menus feel better to navigate.

The customization is great and the community support is great. Reminds me of what I loved in Mod Nation Racers.

Never thought I would like Forza over GT but I have to say that it has made me change my mind.

BlackTar1872477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

LOL Halo Champion is it a coincidence your name your preference?

I tend not to believe in such obv. coincidence.

That said Forza is a great game people who own both but play this fanboy war need to wake up and play it . Good game deserves sales.

Halochampian2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I'm a funny person typically but how does that relate to anything that I said?

Im stating what I have experienced with both games. You can add me and I'll race you in both. I dont mind.

PSN: Ghostalker08
Live: Halochampian
Steam: Ghostalker08

EDIT: Nice edit. Is it wrong for me to say that I like Halo? And that My xbox live GT is that?