Microsoft: No More XBLA Freebies Like Poker

When Texas Hold 'em debuted on XBLA, it broke the one day record with over 100 downloads per minute. Now Microsoft says that the poker freebie was a "thank you" to the community, and but they don't have any plans to do it again in the future.

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Dick Jones5858d ago

Lets not clam up and get all stingy with our billions of dollars now Bill. You can keep giving away money but you can't give away games anymore?

calderra5857d ago

Somebody call the morality police- Microsoft is choosing not to give away free games! Woe is we!

If things get any worse, we might even have to start paying when we want new games. Isn't that just ludicrous?

Steve5195857d ago

I'm sure that there will be for, but expect sponsered games and such not just completely free games