The 8 lead characters that all games use

When was the last time you really engaged with a game’s protagonist? In recent times at least, the spectrum of lead characters in most action games ranges from ‘Vin Diesel with guns’ to ‘Vin Diesel with guns/powers,’ and with all respect to the esteemed actor, that’s not enticing company to spend hours on end with. Other genres are just as guilty of wheeling out gaming’s go-to guys, from RPGs to adventures. So next time you insert a brand new game in your PS3, ask yourself: ‘am I playing as…’

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Baka-akaB2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

"Women’s under/misrepresentation in gaming is an issue many people hold responsible for keeping gaming from being considered seriously as an art form like cinema"

Not so sure about that . Arent most action hero female lead in movies just hot chicks with as few clothes as possible and an attitude ? AKA usually surnamed "the independant or fierce" woman ?

Maybe before judging , those people looking down on games , should make sure that "normal" women arent just used as lead in indies , agonizing oscar nominated dramas or romantic comedies and could possibly vehicule an action movie first . After all we do have a few of those with the ordinary guys drowned in crap .

I'm kinda sure that games got a small lead on hollywood about that .

caseh2480d ago

First character I thought of was Nathan Drake from uncharted who fits none of the stereotypes that are(apparently)in every game. *shrug* clearly not every game then.

BlackFalcon2480d ago

To the author:

Next time you write an article like this, be very careful about usage of "all" as in "all games use."

Take Valvatorez from Disgaea 4 ( He doesn't fit in any of your categories.

I could list more, but there's no need. By your parameters of "all games", you only need one exception to disprove it.