Battlefield 3: Destructible Environments—Before and After

We've been playing Battlefield 3 for months now, and while the game's destruction system is evident every time we play it, it's never been more apparent than in this video.

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AllroundGamer2482d ago

yet it still looks sucky if you shoot one of so many walls and buildings, which can't be destroyed...

Sven Benoit2482d ago

LOL. You troll every battlefield article, and as a COD fan you shouldn't be talking about what is and what isnt destructable...

Undeadwolfy2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Accidentally gave you a disagree, count that as an agree good sir.

AllroundGamer2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

my battlelog is showing me "Time Played: 172H 6M" sooo yeah COD fan :DD there is a difference between trolling and telling the truth... or do you think you can destroy everything in BF3? cause that would just say, that you didn't even play it... BF fanboys or COD fanboys, fanboys are simply just blind sheep, probably like you, so enjoy all the "destruction" and bugs ;) i will rather open my eyes :)

kaveti66162481d ago

"there is a difference between trolling and telling the truth."

You don't have to lie to be trolling. You can tell "the truth" and troll as well.

BF3 has great destruction, and this video thread is all about that. You come in here and bring your pessimistic trolling attitude and when you get called out on it, you say, "I'm just telling the truth guys."

If someone comes into a CoD thread about how many sales CoD has and talks about how crap the game is, that's trolling, too.

You're a troll.

frostypants2482d ago

I actually agree. I love BF3, but it is super annoying to fire a rocket or grenade at the side of a brick building, only to have it do no damage whatsoever. It feels totally arbitrary what is and isn't destructible. BFBC2 definitely seemed to do destructibility better, but I still prefer BF3.

Pandamobile2482d ago

That's because 95% of the buildings that populated BFBC2 maps were from a set of 12 or so pre-fab buildings.

BF3's maps have a lot more variety in the architecture, so naturally, not everything is going to be destructible.

SpecialK2482d ago

Its not bad, I still prefer bad company 2 for destruction though. Its not very clear what is and is not destructible, so sometimes you shoot at a wall to blow a hole in it, only to find that its for some reason indestructible. It takes away some of the flexibility of tactics that was in the previous game.

Sven Benoit2482d ago

I would say that i perfer Bfbc destruction too, but the problem is that if you notice a lot of the buildings that where in bad company looked the same, no matter the map. So personally, I think i would take a lil less noticable destruction with more complex structures and detailed maps.


As a matter of fact I do have BF3 and have about 7 days of gameplay. And no, I am not a sheep, bugs and all IMHO I think its one of the best shooters to come out in a few years. TO ME none of the bugs that are in the game are gamebreaking and can be patched up, so I am not worried about that. My favorite shooter til this day still is halo so yeah.

frostypants2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Sven, interestingly, some if not all of the few buildings in BF3 that ARE 100% destructible/collapsible are imported from BFBC2. E.G. those one-story collapsible structures in Kharg Island are direct copies of the same ones in BFBC2.

SpecialK2481d ago

Frostypants, I thought some buildings looked familiar.

And yeah, its not like they've ditched complete destructibility for no reason, there are definitely some pluses in there for the way the gameplay works and the detail of the buildings.

Venjense2482d ago

BFBC2 destruction was way better.

They all walls should be destructible at least, and it would be nice if planes and choppers could takes down buildings.

trenso12481d ago

the destruction is funny especially in the b2k maps. i was trying to get to the roof of a house to get a better view on a tank. s/he shoots the was and the stairs are gone, couldnt help but laugh at that.

SillyBastid2481d ago

great video, Is this for the "Only in Battlefield" competition?

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