Lost Planet PS3 images

Capcom released a new batch of images from the PS3 version of Lost Planet - Extreme Condition.

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lynx1halo3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

for $40 bucks,youve got a solid game, great online, all of the add ons the 360 people had to pay for ....not to shabby, I might just have to pick this one up it appears graphically superior on the I expected

HarryEtTubMan3966d ago

and for 40$ and with all the extra multiplayer maps...this isn't a bad buy at all. The multiplayer in this game is very fun and the landscapes are HUGE. You can drive big robots that "transform", You have grappling hooks that help you reach all the various heights. Guys the PS3 has plenty of games... don't not buy something just because the junkbox got it first. I want to rebuy this for my PS3 now and try it out. It is a pretty good game. You defiantely won't regret it.

C_SoL3966d ago

Its Ported piece $hit..The 360 version looks better cause its ported...No gamer deserves this...

smirx3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

C_Sol, You're comment is in no way helpful to the discussion. You say that the PS3 version is crap because it's ported, but then you say that the 360 version is better because it's ported. WTF? if your serious than you're an idiot. If you're doing it out of sarcasm or to get people mad, you might be a genius.

titntin3966d ago

Hmmm.. Looks like they have sorted out the aliasing issues then!
Looks much better than the last batch of shots I saw, maybe the PS3 port won't be so poor after all?
I didn't rate the game that much on 360 though, so I can't say I'm hugely excited! But for those that didn't get a chance, at least it has all the downloadable content included - not much of a bonus for waiting so long, but nice anyway! :)

jackdoe3966d ago

They sorted aliasing, but they still haven't fixed the crappy textures. Muddy as hell though not as bad as the earliest screens.

name3966d ago

I'll buy it. Hopefully it comes out january. A friend of mine who owns a 360 still plays it to this day.

ruibing3966d ago

If only it came out a lil before Black Friday, there might have been some deals to get it even cheaper. But I'll probably considering this in my Spring purchase after MGS4, LBP, and DMC4.

The_Engineer3966d ago

still looks like crap graphics from a crap game.

Frulond3966d ago

what the f#$%" is up with the textures? they look like s&%t
if its 40buck doesn't seem so bad still... I probably skip this one

digger183966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I wonder what the frame rates would be like. When I had this on the 360 the frame rate nearly went to zero when I was fighting the big worms outside.

Edit: TheMart, you sir are talking out of your ass as usual. Unless you have a special 360 then you are lieing about no frame drops, they were massive on both my 360's and both my sons (yes I have 4 Xbox 360's in my house)

@ Sangheili85: You telling me you didn't get poor frame rates when you were attacking the giant worm and all those stupid bloody things flying at ya? Damn, if you didn't then all 4 360's in my house are broken :(

TheMART3966d ago

Probably because you threath your gamediscs bad, sh!t or puke on them or anything else.

Because the framerate was pretty steady without the problems that PS3 games have overall hickups, drops in framerates etc. The 360 version ran pretty smooth.

I guess you don't even own a 360 and just like to be mad about getting a game one year later for your POS3

Sangheili853966d ago

I loved this game. I remember fighting the huge worm and don't remember and frame rate drops. I'm sorry digger18 i'm not siding with mart but i didn't experience any drops frames.

razer3966d ago

problems at all when I play this game. I really like it.

NEO_X3966d ago

you fanboys are so silly.
still though much love to all.
I love my ps3 but you won't hear me say its perfect because its not.
when will people learn all systems have there pros and cons.
360 best online interface and friend connectivity, also best fps set-up)
wii most original and family oriented, plus you get some of the best 1st party games (mario,zelda,SSBB,Metroid).
Ps3 most options and very easily modded for taste
free stuff everywhere and best platformer and action games.

all of this is of course my opinion not 100% fact whatsoever

Anyways I think this game will be worth the purchas at forty dollars and its going to be bought buy the people who want it and thats all that reall matters

sniddles3966d ago

I dunno, Lost planet is a game that i got same time as gears.
Gears, yes, during some cut scenes i remembered some dropped frames.

lost planet ran smooth the whole time.... I dunno.

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The story is too old to be commented.