How Good is the PS Vita's Camera?

How Good is the PS Vita's Camera?

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why are you guys down as trolling? i don't think showing anger at yet another BS article is trolling. here we go again... yet another thing to bash the Vita with. at least it's something new i suppose.

Prophet-Gamer2574d ago

Truth hurts sometimes and people can't accept it hence they censor what is plainly a fact. This images are fake, laughable, and pure flaimbait. Though I don't expect much more from a crap site like IGN.

kmanmx2574d ago

What a load of crap. I owned iPad 2, it didn't look that good. I owned 3DS, it definitely didn't look that good.

And i've seen other pictures taken with the Vita, and they look better than that.

Noone is claiming its VGA cameras are even approaching good. But this is just a joke. Didn't IGN also thing the PSV is doomed, and the 3G is not being made any more ?

ElliePage2574d ago

Fake? lol

Why would they fake a picture to show a comparison? If anything the camera is likely to be smeared/greasy considering the Vita uses a back touchscreen gimmick with the games so his finger probably wiped the screen a few times during gameplay and he never cleaned the lens.

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