A Thorough Exploration of Final Fantasy VI's Glitchiest Glitch

Bob Mackey: If you've played Final Fantasy VI as much as I have, then you're probably aware of its infamous instability. When you fill a game with so many characters and give them abilities that wreak havoc on its many moving parts, bad things can happen. Okay, maybe FFVI's jankiness isn't all that bad, especially for folks like me who don't have the patience to beat Wrexsoul the normal way and instead choose to Vanish/X-Zone him out of existence. And while it's true that a few of the game's more debilitating bugs can only be accessed by those trying to find them, when Final Fantasy VI breaks down, the results are glorious.

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JoySticksFTW2531d ago

Epic game, epic villain, epic soundtrack

Quality of its like in a FF game may be gone forever, I fear :(

knifefight2531d ago

Buy Ni no Kuni for PS3 when it comes to North America.