Final Fantasy VI Masterline Terra Figure Opening Pre-orders, but Her Crazy Price Might Shock You

Square Enix revealed that the Final Fantasy VI Masterline figure portraying Terra on the Magitek armor will be available for pre-order tomorrow.

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Knightofelemia678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

I have yet to play her FF game but the figure for 11k and it looks great the amount of detail. If I had the cash I would grab it and possibly the life size T-800 statue and the giant Devastator figure as well.

_Decadent_Descent677d ago

Easily the best FF. It deserves a remake.

Furesis677d ago

6 always seemed cool to me. I couldn't really get into it because how old the game was (i know i'm sorry) but i always wanted to experience it. Honestly i wanted a 6 remake more than 7(i dont feel 7 needed one tbh) but seeing how 7 remake is i don't think i would have wanted a game like that anyways. Something like ff x style with pre rendered backrounds or just fixed camera and turn based with modern graphics would be a dream come true for me. But i think it shall remain a dream unfortunately.

RedDevils677d ago

Better than 7 imo. 7 fanboy gonna hate me for saying so suck on it lol


NieR: Automata Getting $875 2P Figure; $13,800 Final Fantasy VI Terra Figure Up for Pre-Order in NA

Square Enix revealed a NieR: Automata Masterline figure while one dedicated to Final Fantasy VI is available for pre-orders in North America.

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Five Classic Square Enix RPGs That Deserve an HD-2D Remake

After Live A Live and Dragon Quest 3, which other classic Square Enix RPGs should be remade in its unique HD-2D art style?

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All Of The Final, Final Fantasy Bosses, Ranked

BLG writes: "Final Fantasy bosses are swimming with challenging and exciting battles. Over the course of the series, the game has evolved from turn-based battles to more action-oriented gameplay. That has allowed players to see a variety of battles and types if you’ve played multiple entries across the decades. Bosses you see in more recent games like Final Fantasy 15 are grander in scale than those you might have seen on the Super Nintendo in the 1990s. That doesn’t always equate to them being more legendary, though. "

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RavenWolfx703d ago

Yeah, Yu Yevon was such a disappointment.