Interplay v. Bethesda Settlement Has Occurred

After long years of court cases, transcripts, documents, and game leaks, Fallout site Duck and Cover has confirmation that a settlement has occurred in the Bethesda v. Interplay Fallout: Online trial.

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DAC has learned that as part of the settlement, Bethesda dismissed their lawsuit against Interplay "with prejudice," meaning they can never sue Interplay over the same items again. See the original post for more details.

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Paragon2575d ago

Ah yeah, I heard about this.

Good News Pic btw. XD

ZombieAssassin2575d ago

Guessing Interplay get to make their MMO and Bethesda gets to keep the'd be funny if Bethesda publishes it. I wonder if they'll still have to pay Bethesda the 12% royalties on the game still if they are allowed to make it.

Hazmat132575d ago

make fallout 5 co op that would be awesome.

snowman21492575d ago

Funny. Thats exactly what Interplay is trying to do but in a massive scale. They were trying to make a Fallout MMO and then Bethesda got in the way and almost got it cancelled..thank GOD they can finish it!

King of Creation2575d ago

We won't know if they can finish it until the settlement details have been released. For all we know right now, they have given up the ability to make Fallout: Online. Bethesda could have given them a lot of money in the settlement so that they would stop making it.