Import Tuner Challenge Achievements

The Import Tuner Challenge achievement list has been revealed. The game has 27 achievements with the usual 1000 gamerpoints. Read more to view the full list

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Jakens5856d ago

To be buying this game. The graphics are poor, and I barely care to custumise a car to death, ect. but, oh well. The $60 loss hurts me more because I just bought and love Test Drive Unlimited (for $40). You might want to tell me not to buy the game. But I'll own it anyways.

Jakens5856d ago

To finish a race in 3 mins flat.

Optimus Prime5855d ago

there are alot of games coming out for the 360 right now. it is awsome.

Chewy 1015855d ago

Best buy is selling this game for 30 bucks.

jib5855d ago

i thought this game didnt come out yet? but anyways, ive always been a big fan of tokyo xtreme. def picking this up if it sells for less than 60

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