The real Gordon Freeman

How Half Life protagonist Gordon Freeman looks like with all his gear.

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DiabeticJedi2481d ago

how did this get approved?

Vettur2481d ago

What`s wrong with it? Can´t get the biggest news every time ;)

ATi_Elite2481d ago

wheres the Overwatch AR-2 Pulse Rifle!!

AND the Dam Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator!!

oh and the Magnusson Device!!!

Vettur2481d ago

Haha, never thought of it ;) would be cool to see the gear of a skyrim player in lv. 81 ;)

Ducky2481d ago

... or how about Snake?

Solid_Snake372481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

or every RPG game protagonist out there?

JonahNL2481d ago

Are we forgetting about Link? =P

Coltrane_C2481d ago

What is this? Is that what gets approved here? Today I become a video game journalist.

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