The PlayStation's Cult Shooters

Jack Oughton: Remember the golden age of the Playstation?

If not, let me help you out. It was the late 90s. Sony could almost do no wrong. Mobile phones were thick plastic oblongs with green screens, The Spice Girls owned the still-relevant popular music charts, and regular people were starting to get online a bit more with this thing called The Internet.

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Der_Kommandant2483d ago

I'm still dreaming of new generation Colony Wars game.

MagicAccent2482d ago

When I wasn't playing Tie Fighter on my PC, I was playing Colony Wars on my playstation!

Happy days..

Tsar4ever012482d ago

Same here, but the reason there's no plans for any because there NO DEMAND for it.


and this, end of page3

the making of CW: RS/

We, the gamers have to flood Sony forums with petitions and whatnot. Or at least HD-UP the 3 ps1 classics and G-Police 1 & 2 and bring them to PSN.

Tex1172482d ago

Dude, Colony Wars was the sheet.