Need for Speed's Hideous History

SPOnG: "Need for Speed games have always (except for once) been shit. They've also been Christmas Number Ones more times than I care to remember. Or more precisely more times than I can be bothered to look up, because let's face it once would have been once too many.

Except if it had been 2010 when NO NfS game was NUMBER ONE, even though that's the one and ONLY time that the “series” deserved it."

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bunfighterii2484d ago

NFS Porsche Unleashed was freaking awesome.

TurboGamer2484d ago

one of the classics, played it a lot on ps1.

TurboGamer2484d ago

NfS Hot Pursuit (2010) was the worst nfs ever made even worse than The Run. Both where boring as hell. Most wanted and Underground 2 where the best nfs games ever made and a lot of people want Underground 3 including me.

DeadlyFire2483d ago


Lies. NFS Hot Pursuit 3/2010 was awesome. Bacially a duplicate mixed in with some combative multiplayer of the classic Hot Pursuit line, but still by far more fun than any other NFS I have played.

Underground I admit was awesome series. Loved the first one. 2nd one took a step backwards I believe, but I think they could have made it better in a 3rd game.

Most Wanted was an attempt at something, but is very boring even on the hardest settings. SP story mode might be okayish, but not at all perfected. Cops are dull, easy to avoid, present little challenge.