Battlefield 3 spectator mode

When playing a FPS game you will have moments of greatness, although some of these would be when you’re alone and don’t have an audience to see what you achieved. This is when you want to record those moments from a spectator perspective and show the world.

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Tyler Durden4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

What game shoulden't have spectator mode? This should be a sytem feature.

Elwenil4292d ago

Someone please explain to me why spectator mode is important. Years ago when we played games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, we would always kick any spectators since they were usually friends of someone playing and would be on comms with them and a second pair of eyes to warn them. Now suddenly everyone wants this mode? Why is that? What useful purpose does it serve? Or does everyone just want to cheat?

Hufandpuf4292d ago

That's probably why DICE is withholding the Battlerecorder. But seriously, It was in BF2, Why can't it be in BF3. I know FB2 is fully capable of implementing it. Also, it's not like BF3 is an MLG game (Though it could be with some pretty basic features) So they should just go ahead and give us the tool.

It doesn't "Spectate" either, it records and lets you watch past games. so any worry of cheating is moot.

Elwenil4292d ago

I don't consider the Battlerecorder and spectator mode to be even close to the same thing. At least it didn't use to be. I am very familiar with Battlerecorder on BF2 and still have several files from our server of some of our epic Project Reality matches with other gaming communities. It's just a replay feature that was rediculously flawed with no ability to rewind if I remember right.

Spectator mode is when someone joined a server and instead of jumping in the battle, they chose to log into the ongoing match as a spectator where they would have either a free roving world cam, selectable 3rd person view of any player or a combination of any or all of these features. At least that is how is was back in the "golden age" of shooters.


EA Announces Record Q1 Financial Results Driven By Star Wars Jedi: Survivor & FIFA

Today Electronic Arts announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024, related to the period between April 1 and June 30, 2023.

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Aussieguy62d ago

Because so many crazy people spend a crap load of money on Fifa Ultimate team


EA CEO Would Love to Continue Star Wars Jedi Franchise; Not Currently Engaged in Acquisitions

EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson was asked about the company's plans for the Star Wars franchise and the possibility of acquisitions.

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Christopher63d ago

They're not looking to acquire, but are they looking to be acquired? That's the big question now with companies like EA, T2, etc.

badboyz0962d ago

EA relies way to much on their licensed ip's which isn't a good thing for a Buyer.

-Foxtrot63d ago

I really want them to finish up Cal's story so LucasFilm are free to use him in a TV show or Film if he survives in the end anyway

Cal or Ezra should be rebuilding the Jedi Temple Order...not Rey.

CrimsonWing6963d ago

Please do. These Jedi games have been exceptionally top tier.

StarkR3ality62d ago

Other than their performance but yeah

CrimsonWing6962d ago

I didn’t really run into performance issues, but I played it on PS5.

neomahi63d ago

We don't want it, let someone else develop Star Wars

Tacoboto62d ago

1. Yes we do want it
2. One of the biggest recent announcements has been Star Wars Outlaws, developed by someone else.


Black Panther game officially announced from EA's new studio

EA has announced it's developing a brand new third person Black Panther game in conjunction with Marvel at its newly formed Cliffhanger Games.

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DarXyde86d ago

I've always wanted a Black Panther game...

...I can't say I've always wanted EA to make said Black Panther game.

Reserving judgment, but my feeling is that this game, at best, gets a maximum aggregate score of 70 on metacritic. Not really convinced EA has the vision to pull this off.

jznrpg86d ago

Who knows. They have done a couple really good Star Wars game lately.

I have not seen anything at all so I can’t come up with a potential aggregate score.

-Foxtrot86d ago

I don't understand because we have that Captain America game with Black Panther in it set during WW2 coming

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to control him in that aswell

I'd have preferred them tackle another hero like the Punisher, Daredevil, Blade etc

SimpleSlave85d ago

All you need to understand is that Black Panther is an extremely popular character that should've gotten a game a long time ago. And playing second fiddle in a Captain America game ain't it bud.

-Foxtrot85d ago


I doubt he's playing "second fiddle" in that game man, you don't put Black Panther in and don't let us play him.


You mean back in 2005? Like 18 years ago....

peppeaccardo86d ago

Enough with EA for me after that sore tooth launch of Battlefield 2042. They got my €100 for the Gold version and these are the last money they see from me. They could come up with a GOTY but I will never give them my money! I'll find something else to play ...

Christopher86d ago

I guess the question now is which Black Panther?

***giving them more agency and control over their narrative than they have ever experienced in a story-driven video game.***

Okay, let's not try too hard here. That's a pretty high bar for a new studio and either tells me story will be watered down or you're marketing to me heavily too early.

blackblades86d ago

Question is what's up with the other black pather game then with Captain America? Also another question is are Marvel gonna flood the gaming market with Marvel games like how they did with movies and TV series.

Christopher86d ago

I mean, yeah on the flood the market thing. They have plenty of mobile games and I'm guessing they want more out there. I'm certain the Avengers game was a disappointment for them for GaaS, but they will keep trying. They like that ongoing money stream in all their games.

Knightofelemia86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

A Black Panther with Chadwick Boseman as the voice would have been great I think. Too bad he has passed on.

badz14985d ago

you do know AI exists now that can make "Chadwick Boseman" says anything you want, right?

not gonna say they should do it, but it's possible

Knightofelemia85d ago


Yes I know they can do that but then it lacks the realism that is Chadwick Boseman and what he brings to the table. Plus you would need his family to ok that.