Capcom Release-List: Lost Planet Colonies Only for PlayStation 3?

Onaxis writes: "The latest Capcom Release-List posted on NeoGAF shows Lost Planet Colonies as a PlayStation 3 title, and misses the Xbox 360 section:

PlayStation 3
- Bionic Commando
- Lost Planet Colonies
- Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
- Moto GP 08
- Resident Evil 5
- Street Fighter 4

Xbox 360
- Bionic Commando
- Black Cloud
- Moto GP 08
- Resident Evil 5
- Street Fighter 4"


It seems that the Xbox 360 is getting an exclusive too: Black Cloud

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aaquib53967d ago

Not only do we get all the DLC you XBOTS paid for, but we get it at a cheaper price($40), and all looking better thanks to PS3. Now, we get the sequel exclusivily on PS3? Sweet. No worries, next year you'll still have um, uh, halo wars.

TANOD3967d ago


However neogaf is as reliable as Vgcharts.

we wait for official confirmation from Capcom on this

sonarus3967d ago

360 gets dark cloud whatever that is. when capcom makes their official announcement i'll believe it

Ironhide Delta3967d ago

Are all fanboys as stupid as you? Golly gee whiz Captain Obvious! Of course Capcom is including crap that was already released for the game on 360 as an add on with the ps3 version. They've already made thier money and now they're milking ps3 owners for nothing but profit. Well. We all know how awesome the ports are like Ninja Gaiden Sigma was. All that extra content surely paid off quite nicely. Mind you I played and beat the game back before the ps3 was a twinkle in your quivering fanboy lips. Fanboys of all types suck major ass. Just friggin' play your own damn system and be happy!

Laexerias3967d ago

Halo Wars gave me the critical hit... lmao.

comradesnarky3967d ago

The screenshots for the PS3 version of Lost Planet didn't look very good. Those were from an early build though. I'd hope they'd be able to improve the quality....

Anyways, who cares about the extra content? It'll probably all be free by the time that comes out. I don't think Lost Planet was THAT great anyways.

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Rybnik3967d ago

Not to bubble burst, I'll bet it is a typo. Didn't some other site recently reveal that "Colonies" was 360 exclusive? If anything, its probably multi-like the first one.

ChaosKnight3967d ago

I may be in the dark on this but... what is Black Cloud?

Relcom3967d ago

I was wondering the same thing.


posten on neogaf? it must be true! /sarcasm

Arkham3966d ago

More often than not, yeah.

Sevir043967d ago

dark cloud.... did they mean Dark Void? it's interesting

Sevir043967d ago

LOL!!!! this site is hilarious, the fankids here are just ridiculous...

actas1233967d ago

What do u mean whats dark cloud? Its a new game... what is wrong with you people .. Now every game that any company makes has to be a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!???

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