Top 5 Game Releases of January 2012 | VGW

VGW: While January isn’t exactly the pinnacle of 2012′s releases (that title looks to belong to February so far), there are still a few titles that gamers are going to spend all of their holiday gift cards on. From one of the most beloved franchises in history to a spin-off of one of last year’s best games, January may look a bit slim in its offerings, but rest assured, if you’re in need of a new gaming experience, you’ll likely be able to find it in this month.

Check out the offerings for January, and see if you’ll be starting out 2012 with a new game.

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jthamind2481d ago

pass pass pass pass pass.

lol. on to February.

MattyG2481d ago

agreed. Nothing we haven't seen before, and then i won't be buying anything in Feb because the Vita is being released. Nothing really goods releasing till march anyways.

Kyosuke_Sanada2481d ago

Ahh Neverdead, I almost forgot that it was being released this January. Ever since the first trailer it has caught my attention and I am anxious to see what this game has to offer. A day one purchase for me.......

killyourfm2481d ago

I'm more excited for Neverdead than Final Fantasy...
File under "I never thought I'd say something like this..."