The Most Disappointing and Overrated Games of 2011

Gameshark writes: "Every year, the staff sits back and reflects on the year that was and every year we come up with our best of lists as well as our list of the games we felt dropped the virtual ball. This list is the latter. Here are the games we thought were both overrated as well as disappointing. It's an important distinction: a game may very well have been a good game yet still a tick overrated. Disappointing games are usually the titles we had high hopes for but simply didn't live up to expectation.

Please remember that these picks are personal selections chosen by the individual writer and do not reflect the opinion of, well, most likely anyone else. So sit back and revel in our loathing. We'll get the good vibes going again in a few days with our "Best of" and Most Wanted features. "

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RedDead3462d ago

"being able to pick up every cheese wheel and tin plate in the game doesn’t make it more immersive or deep"

Lots of content....lots and lots of **** content

jthamind3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

if by lots of content, you mean 9001 quests to either kill a target, escort an NPC or fetch an item, then i agree.

DeathAvengers3462d ago

And the massive amount of dungeons to explore, books to read, spells to learn, items to collect, and people to meet.

D3mons0ul3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

You either haven't played the game or you're just downplaying the fact that each quest has a story behind it and generalizing them all to seem duller than they really are and in that case bad troll, bad!

And you don't escort shit, you have people follow you or you actually have to run behind and follow them, which is not at a snail's pace.

You don't even have to follow most of them or have them nearby. You get companions, not weak NPCs to protect.

baboom2233462d ago

Why do you hate on basically every article that involves skyrim? At first I didn't think you were a troll but its obvious now. The quests aren't at all like that...

TBM3462d ago

even though im enjoying the game i do feel sometimes that the dungeons go on just a bit to long. sometimes i just want a short dungeon to explore. other than that i really do enjoy fighting the dragons.

AngryTypingGuy3461d ago

Skyrim is the greatest game ever. Period.

jthamind3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

to all you acting like Oblivion v1.25 is the best thing ever, read that. and if you still think Skyrim is some masterpiece of a game, then i feel bad for you. it's a solid game. not a great game. and it's definitely overrated and overhyped.

da_2pacalypse3461d ago

lol skyrim haters are idiots...

YodaCracker3461d ago

@jthamind: "read that. and if you still think Skyrim is some masterpiece of a game, then i feel bad for you. "

You feel bad for people if they have a different opinion than you?

YodaCracker3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Fus ro dah!

iChii3461d ago


Don't hate on the game, its a pretty fun game. Is it overrated? In my opinion, yes. But its still fun. (If you don't have the lag issue on PS3)

thats_just_prime3461d ago

The graphics in skyrim are great and there is a ton of content. However they went for quantity over quality. Having a ton of people to meet that say a single line that is just there’re for filler “ took an arrow in the knee” and then having them in every town that saying the same thing is not quality content. Having thousands of bowls, cheese and embalming tools is not quality content..

The combat is boring and shallow. Mindlessly hitting the RT button (and maybe the LT button) over and over to kill every single monster you come across is shallow and boring. Holding the A button to run and having to stop to refill your stamina not only is this boring but it makes traveling insanely slow.

The story and quest are boring and uninteresting. You don’t even care about the story or what you are doing You find yourself skipping the text most of the time

I got this game thinking it be goty but instead it one or the worse game I got this gen

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DaveMan3462d ago

Why is it cool all of sudden to hate skyrim? Yes there are tons of bugs, and bethesda should be 100% to blame for the atrocious ps3 version. I agree 100% with that.

But the game? As an entire package is pretty awesome. The beautiful enviorments, the wonderful music by Jermey Soule...there is alot of good to skyrim. To say it's disappointing is sounding really alot like a rebel without a cause.

xPhearR3dx3462d ago

Because it's stealing the spotlight of every other game released this year, and fanboys (chances are they like the game anyway) feel the need to hate on it to be "cool" or w/e it is kids do these days. Kinda like it's "cool" to hate COD, but at least there's a legitimate reason. It's been the same game for the past 5 years. The Elder Scrolls hasn't.

floetry1013462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Some people can't see the big picture in certain games. On close inspection, Skyrim has problems. As a whole, it's an ambitious, addictive, singular experience that few games can even hope to match.

Of course it's going to be called overrated. Most great games are.

SnotyTheRocket3462d ago

what is wrong with the PS3 version? im a good way through the game and the only thing that has happened to me was that it froze at the beginning, thats it. And frost Dragons are a bitch to kill.

DragonKnight3461d ago

Skyrim is the kind of game that we needed when the PSN was shut down due to hackers. Absolutely no one but people who don't like RPG's and fanboys who think online is necessary to enjoy a game would have complained. That said, it isn't a perfect game. Some of the dungeons are too long to the point where you're like "oh geez, another cavernous area inside a cavernous area inside a cavernous area to explore? when does it end?" The combat could use A LOT of work (I've been spoiled by Dark Souls) and some of the quests are monotonous. Other than that, as a whole, it's awesome and I haven't played another game since I bought it.

@Snoty: For many there are frequent framerate issues, I myself have experienced freezing on 4 occasions so far, quest bugs where you can't complete the quest for X reason and have to reload a save. There's the auto-save glitch where you can't create a new character unless you have a few manual saves or else the very first, unavoidable auto-save erases your first character. Things like that.

antz11043461d ago

Lol, so true! I understand each one was personal choice, but it felt like a lot of choices for a flamebait article. Once they mentioned Portal 2 as well as Skyrim I zoned out.

Tru_Ray3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Why is it cool to hate? Because the game is incredible and extremely popular, which means that it is only a matter of time before people start hating on it.

I'll be the first to admit that it has it's share of technical problems including frame-rate drops, clunky combat, mediocre voice acting, etc. But in the end, the amount of content in the game dwarfs all of its competitors.

Quite frankly, there isn't another game like it on the market. For that reason alone, it is pretty frivolous to say that the game is "overrated".

This is just another frivolous opinion piece by some marginal gaming website with grand delusions about the merits of their uninformed opinions.

Time to log and go play some more Skyrim.


Tony P3461d ago

People put too much on it.

"Best RPG ever"? "Perfect adventure"? "Incredible writing"?

Not by a long shot. And TES is my favorite RPG franchise.

Skyrim is an artistically rejuvenated Oblivion with a few new bells and whistles. It's a refinement of preexisting elements, a very successful refinement. But if you listen to a lot of the people praising it, you'd think this was their first TES:

"The game is just so massive!"
"The sheer amount of time you can sink into it is awesome!"

...That's every TES. For god's sake, that's what gave the game its identity with the very first game.

Skyrim improves on a lot of things from its previous installment. But it certainly isn't the god of RPGs smart marketing and a legion of hangers-on make it out to be. And no amount of commercials, billboards, youtube raps, Dovahkiin babies, parodies, fanfics, arrow to the knee jokes, fus ro dahs, will make it so.

Overrated? Completely.
Great game? Undoubtedly.

Sprudling3461d ago

I disliked Skyrim before it was "cool". I bought it on Steam day one, played it 20 or so hours, then went back to the far superior Dark Souls. Bugs had nothing to do with me not liking Skyrim.

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Pushagree3462d ago

Skyrim is easily one of the greatest games of all time. Yes its buggy, but a game of this size will always have bugs. That has not stopped me from enjoying the game at all. Im at 150 hours, which is 10 times more than i put into other games, and im still not bored.

Its hard for me to choose goty. This has been one of the greatest years gaming has ever seen, but skyrim is goty material. Dismissing it because of bugs is just wrong.

christheredhead3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

As for as your last sentence goes I would have to disagree. This is only from the stand point of the ps3 version though. 50 hours in and I can no longer play the game. I'm not entirely referring to the lag either. There are some broken quests, broken NPCs and an entire town that I can no longer visit. Those details, plus the lag, makes for one of the most forgetful experiences I've come across.

It could be a great game, but the bugs and technical issues have shown otherwise. For me, I could not give it game of the year. Literally speaking, I can't even classify it as a game. As it stands its merely a disc inside a case.

I can definitely see the potential for those who have had a smooth experience. I have no idea what that would be like from my perspective. Game of the year? No way, not even close.

kaveti66163462d ago

"This is only from the stand point of the ps3 version though."

End your comment right there.

We place a lot of responsibility on the producer of the game and very little in ourselves.

We have the internet at our disposal. Yes, sometimes we're forced to choose between the lesser of two evils such as when we choose a service carrier for our mobile phones, but this is different.

If you're going to buy a game, do your research.

I remember a user by the name of Blumatt a while back, who entered a thread that was about an article which pointed out all the problems with the PS3 version, basically labeling it as unplayable. Despite this, Blumatt still posted a comment saying he was going to buy the PS3 version.


The PS3 version sucks. We get it. At some level, it's Bethesda's fault, but the consumer needs to be responsible with his/her money as well.

The worst thing is that Skyrim on PC is an amazing experience and is made even more amazing by the various mods, yet whenever Skyrim is brought up on this site, a ton of PS3 only owners are here to bash it.

DragonKnight3461d ago

@kaveti: You shouldn't have even bothered to comment at all. You don't take responsibility away from the developer by saying "there's better versions for you to buy."

Not everyone has a gaming PC. Not everyone wants to incur the steep financial costs of having a gaming PC that can do justice to today's games. Not everyone even WANTS to have a gaming PC due to the various tweaking and such. It's too much of a hassle for them.

Also, it's the responsibility of the developer to ensure that the game isn't so poorly coded. If you can't make sure that the majority of the users playing the game on a specific platform have a smooth, relatively (because every game has some bugs and issues) problem free time with the game, then don't put the game on that platform. Simple as that.

Sorry, but Bethesda DOESN'T get a pass simply because "the PC version works fine." It doesn't work that way. There are many out there, for whatever reason, only have one platform to play games on. They shouldn't have to sit back and take a poorly coded version of a game. Period.

Research or not, there are some games that people really want to play. And if they only have one way of playing it, then why should they be punished with an inferior version? Yeah, a person is ultimately responsible for knowing what they are paying for, but a developer is ultimately responsible for releasing a complete, smooth product across ALL platforms they've decided to release the game for. Not just one, or two, ALL of them.

Any purchase is essentially an agreement between the buyer and the seller. The seller agrees that the product they are selling is worth the money they are asking for, it is a good product and in good working condition. The buyer agrees to pay the price of the product, as is, and does so in good faith that the seller's product is in good order and can actually be used. Some of the issues for the PS3 version of Skyrim make it become unplayable. Bethesda released a product whose working condition cannot be guaranteed, and I'd even go so far as to say that it's beyond acceptable standards for defects. They have the same damn save file size problem that they've always had. Explain to me how it's possible that they haven't fixed that yet?

Objective3461d ago


And maybe you are just being too forgiving towards the screwed up architecture of a certain platform. Historically and empirically, the evidence is that the platform made things difficult. Too bad so many of you have your heads so deep up Sony's.

kaveti66163461d ago

Dragonknight, I don't disagree with what you're saying. As I said in my post, Bethesda is responsible to an extent, possibly to a great extent. But, the consumer needs to be responsible with their money as well.

If you want to get Skyrim, but you don't want to buy a gaming PC and you don't have a 360 (but you do have a PS3), the answer is simple: do not buy Skyrim for your PC. Just don't do it.

The choice is an illusion. Yes, you have the option to buy Skyrim for your console, but knowing that the game is basically a complete mess should be enough to deter some people from purchasing the game.

In my opinion, from this point on, the PS3 version of Skyrim should not sell very well at all. It shouldn't sell well because I expect consumers to have some level of responsibility. They should do their research, and if they do, they'll see that purchasing the game for PS3 would be a big mistake. And that will teach Bethesda that they need to "code" their games better. I have another opinion, which is that the major issue with Skyrim on PS3 is a RAM issue and that Bethesda should never have made the game for consoles. But that's a played out topic of discussion.

Point is, not all of the blame should be placed on Bethesda anymore. I don't want to hear any newcomers complaining about Skyrim on PS3 because they should know better by now.

kaveti66163461d ago

correction: I meant to say, "do not buy Skyrim for your PS3."

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JohnnyMann4203462d ago

Yeah.. or the 100s of hours that it's given me for 60 bucks. What other games do that, no-nothing idiot..

kneon3461d ago

GT5, I've easily put a couple hundred hours into it and I'm not yet done.

Deputydon3461d ago

Demons and Dark Souls come to mind... dark souls especially. I easily have over 300 hours on that game. The interesting part about that, they didnt fill the game with hours of pointless walking, it isn't littered with bugs, game breaking quests, and sub par combat. Skyrim has the best combat system Bethesda has ever had in either fallout or their elder scroll games, and yet its still pretty bland.

Hell I'm only level 32 I have the entire dragon scale armor set, I have an enhanced upgraded daedric sword, 100 speech, 100 enhance. And the game still feels the exact same since I started. Hard things are just as hard, easy things are as easy as its ever been. There really is zero point to leveling up. If I get 25% more combat power, so do the enemies.

As for the quests, same problem I had with fallout, the main story line is ridiculously short. I have a miscellaneous quest list with over 30 different quests that even Bethesda thought weren't important enough to even give them their own quest spot. They are just deliver or kill this. Most of them can be completed in mere minutes by just fast traveling.

Dark Souls might not have endless quests, the game world might not be 4500 miles with another giant robot world underneath, but when you level up it feels like it. When you get an awesome weapon or armor, the game feels different, you don't just look different.

I still enjoy skyrim. I really do. Just Bethesda needs to stop worrying about the largest game world until they can focus on real deep combat, and a mostly bug free game. As of right now none of the resistant based armor or potions even works in the game. It does absolutely nothing. How broken can a develop make their own game?

Armyless3461d ago

Every RPG fan needs to play both Skyrim and Dark Souls. Period.

Twisted_H3art3461d ago

Get real 100+hrs I put in 1000+hrs on a ps3 game called warhawk(online only)for 25$ and had fun for like 900hrs+(i did like the other 100hrs but I had to get good at the hawks)so stop that skyrim 100+ stuff does that make warhawk the better game hell no hrs don't make a game the fun make it. I know skyrim offline warhawk online two different games.

P.S I do have skyrim and have put in like 80hrs it's a good game.(my opinion On the game)

_Aarix_3461d ago

Well I put 700 hours on gears of war 2 and thats just the multiplayer. Not including the campaign and horde. Ive had about 120 hours of mass effect as well.

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popup3461d ago

It is both the best and worst for me.

I have completed 180 hours of mainly fun on my PS3 version (!) but it is so broken at this point too as all the main quest branches have hit bugs that stop them from being able to be completed so I will never finish it for starters.

Then, more than often, the game runs at as low as 1 frame every three seconds or so(no exaggeration). I even purchased a Corsair Version 3 SSD GT drive for my PS3 which turbocharged it to 1 fps (sounds slow but the drive makes a huge difference!)

Trouble is that because the game is so ambitious and intricate, it feels like the slightest tremor can make everything shift around and make things worse.

I would be happy to have a tool made for the savegame that ticked off completed quests, noted the ones I am doing along with my stats and then just reset the whole world around it to default. At least my save would be less than it is now.

and right now, it is 31MB!

No wonder the love/hate relationships with this game.

StraightPath3461d ago

Skyrim well deserved game of the years. Close competition from Batman AC and Zelda SS and Portal 2 other GOTYS.

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chriski3333462d ago

modern warfare 3 #1 disappointing game of this year

ZippyZapper3462d ago

Broken record Mr "BATTLEFIELD 3 IS ALL I NEED"

Snookies123462d ago

But Battlefield 3 IS all you need. Lol, for me anyway. :p

GraveLord3462d ago

Actually MW3 wasn't overrated or disapointing. People knew exactly what they were getting. Can't say the same about Battelfield 3 though. But in my opinion Skyrim is THE MOST overrated game of the year.

SilentNegotiator3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I think "our savior from the evil COD", Battlefield 3, turned out a heck of a lot more disappointing. The SP was absolutely awful for one thing, and wasn't really even the 'training mode' it was said to be (you didn't even get to try out all of the vehicles! You're left to your own devices to learn to use them). Sure, the multiplayer was good, but it was a handful of maps, a smaller handful of choices of game type, and it really didn't eliminate all of the typical problems (balance - with the better players having 100x better guns and such, spawning - with deathmatch, etc). $60 for an awful SP campaign and a multiplayer without a really spectacular amount of content?

And the hyped up special effects are just ugly distractions. In SP they constantly have the stupid dirt/dust on their helmets (wipe it off, stupid) and in multiplayer, you're constantly blinded by the sun or flashlights (glad to see the helmet visors don't serve any functional need for sun shading or anything).

It was hyped to death and still spoke of as having "perfected multiplayer". which while I enjoy, I totally disagree with.

B1663r3461d ago

Additionally bf3 on the xbox does the thing where the dlc maps are in rotation on all the servers, so if a map comes up that you don't have you get booted from the server...

Also in a little more than a week and a half of trying, I am unable to find a team on BF3... The noobs are literally destroying this game... With no communication channels to tell the noobs, "quit being noobs" or otherwise humiliate them.

Just this morning, I was on a rush server... A noob was taking the tanks, driving them to the line of scrimmage, then getting out and leaving it there for the other team to steal... over and over again.

If we are not going to have any means of communicating, at least give us the option to vote kick griefers... But this guy wasn't a griefer, he was just a noob.

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rabidpancakeburglar3462d ago

I don't think that LA Noire is overrated, it has no replay value but story wise it is very good. What is with the guy at the end saying both Skyrim and Portal 2 are overrated? Those are the 2 top games of the year (for me a least)

Baka-akaB3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I dont think LA noire is overrated , but i just dont see much use , when push come to shove , for the mostly averagely done , open world aspect of it . The open nature of its story and choices are great , but the city' exploration is pointless for what could have followed instead a more classic approach as seen in other adventures games (such as more recently alan wake or Heavy rain) instead of failing at bringing an open world truly alive .

Pikajew3462d ago

People found it over rated because it's not their kind of game. I really like mystery games so I want to play it. It's one of those game you love or hate

DanSolo3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Not actually true mate....
It's not just a Love it or Hate it game, a lot of people did enjoy it, but just felt it should have been a lot more!

I really liked the game, and I REALLLY like the premise of the game.... but the truth is although the story is great the gameplay is only average and the large pretty open world is not used to great effect!

I had a lot of enjoyment playing the game, although I did not end up finishing it.... due to becoming a bit bored with some aspects of it,
I do however see a lot of potential for that type of game going forward.

I think perhaps much like the way the first Assassin's Creed felt like it should be soo much more, and then Assassin's Creed 2 did it right and was a vast improvement over the first; perhaps an LA Noire 2 (or whatever it's called) will get all the ingredients right instead of just some of them!

Il_Exile_lI3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Yeah, both those guys that named L.A. Noire their most overrated stated that it wasn't good as an open world game. Well, guess what? IT'S NOT AN OPEN WOLRD GAME. It is an adventure game in the vain of Monkey Island or Sam and Max that happens to take place in 1940s L.A. All these people that complain that it isn't GTA: 1940s were just expecting something that it isn't. People's lack of understanding for the fundamental of what the game is doesn't make it overrated.

Blastoise3462d ago

Someone finally had the balls to admit they thought skyrim was overrated. Well done mike...well done.

WayneKerr3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Most overated

Uncharted 3

Most dissapointing

Killzone 3 & GT5


ElliePage3462d ago

I think he meant to say Forza 4.

ZippyZapper3462d ago

Why would he say Forza 4? You know the game that blows GT5 out of the water?

Baka-akaB3462d ago

you'd need to even care to be dissapointed , it's obvious you just dont :p.

TBM3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

two can play this game

Most Overrated

Gears 3 (and i've played it)

Most Disappointing

Forza 4 (played this too found it lacking) and all things Kinect


see how that works Wayne? stop being a bloody troll/fanboy i seriously doubt you've played any of those games.

don't really expect anything constructive from someone with 1 bubble.