PS3BlogCast Episode 30

Welcome back to another week with the podcast. This one is light on the news, with FooBear and Jcmdaddy. New releases and a few bits on the Japanese Vita launch.

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Velox3186d ago

Damn japanese 'early launch' cheatcodes :p

Lelldorianx3186d ago

I'm still not sold on the Vita. I just upgraded my phone to one with a pretty decent TEGRA GPU, so I'm not entirely sure that I need a dedicated handheld any more...

Zardos3186d ago

I'm also holding out on the Vita. I just got a PSP on december 2010 and I've got 20 games on my backlog. When I add my Wii, DS, PS3 and 3DS to the mix... oh, and I bought 2 NES games a couple of months ago!