Would You Rather Read a Review or Watch Gameplay?

John of - "How do you decide what your next game of choice will be? Aside from the obvious word-of-mouth or the madness that is game advertising, most of us get our information from sites like this one."

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ZombieAssassin2492d ago

I'd rather watch game play. Reviews seem to either just be a reviewer praising or trashing a game the whole time with a little paragraph actually describing the game. Video Reviews I guess is a good one though since they can show you game play and describe what they though of the over-all game.

Oschino19072491d ago

Exactly, more often than not "reviews" tend to be nothing more than an inside look at the reviewers personal taste in gaming with more opinions then factual information. All I want is to know about the game, the features, modes, controls, etc, factual info and what the developers were trying to achieve with the game not what void in your gaming life you expected it to fill!

Campy da Camper2491d ago

Agreed. As I do enjoy reading people's opinions about the game, nothing lets me truly see what I would be purchasing like actual game play footage.

This is the one feature of PS+ I really think they won with. Download the game and play for an hour.

I can read all day long but until I feel the game mechanics at work and see the art direction in play I just don't really know what I am getting.

RaidensRising2492d ago

play a demo is the best way.

SKUD2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Or just rent the game. Demo's are becoming extinct. Not that I agree with that of course. If I can't rent it. I just wait for it to hit the bargain bin + sale price to pick it up. I'm not super impulsive and have that mind set to were I HAVE TO PLAY IT NOW. Pfffffft.

Pintheshadows2491d ago

I get the impression these days that developers don't realise how much of an important tool demos are. They just throw any old section out. It rarely represents the full game very well.

When Valve released the demo for Half Life it was a tailor made experience which whilst it represented the game did not appear in the final product. It was almost like an individual game itself.

Soldierone2492d ago

Depends. I have people that I trust their opinion, but at the same time they are closed minded so say they love FPS titles but shouldn't be reviewing RPG titles....

With that being said its a mix, I watch gameplay before i buy a game and if a demo is available ill usually buy the game, unless it truly sucks.

Ultraplayerxp2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I have some trusted sites where I go to to read reviews. My process is usually: read review first, go watch some walkthrough on youtube, if I like both then I consider a purchase.

pucpop2492d ago

watching gameplay doesn't cover the most important details of a game, especially if the player is an @rse candle!

Pintheshadows2491d ago

Haha @rse candle. You're right, some people shouldn't post gameplay videos. I remember watching one for Deus Ex HR where the guy had his mouse sensitivity up so high he spent most of the time looking at the floor and sky.

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The story is too old to be commented.