The Aether Minecraft Mod Finally Updated to 1.0.0

The aether minecraft mod has finally been updated to 1.0.0 full release.

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memots2490d ago

How is this popular is beyond me.

Oh well to each his own but i just do not get it. I played doom back in he day and made level and it was hard and fun but why would i want to go back 20 years? This is not even a game not sure what it is ... More like a time waster to me.

RemusN72490d ago

You wasted time commenting on mod of a game you're not even interested in, we waste time playing it. Each to his own I guess.

1nsaint2490d ago

Im not sure why you have an account on this site if you think games are a waste of time, and how can you never heard of minecraft?
Oh and 20 years back?, i think a 5 year old pc cant even handle minecraft properly
Also this game has won many awards and sold over 4 million times in 2 years time while being a beta made by a single man who grew to be one of the most succesfull devs of 2011

memots2490d ago

I've heard of minecraft to much. One of the best selling pc game out there .. That goes to show you the state of the industry. You call it a game and yet it look like it was made on a 486 computer. At least Doom was fun to play and watch. Not this.