Tales of Xillia (Japanese Release) – The Otaku's Study Review

This is a review of the Japanese release of Tales of Xillia by The Otaku's Study. Tales of Xillia is a Playstation 3 title developed by the Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai.

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tiffac0082539d ago

Bamco you have to localize this game and take my cold hard earned cash!

Hicken2539d ago

And make Episodes IV-VI of Xenosaga and take my cash for that, too!

Megaman_nerd2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Nintendo owns the Xenosaga/Xenogears studio. Beside, they condensed all those chapters and made it into Xenosaga III because they had problems with the budget because the games were flopping and the production costs were too high. ;_;

Hicken2539d ago

Last I heard, Episode III didn't contain everything; it was simply the end of Shion's "arc." There was supposed to be more, including the rediscovery of Earth.

In any case, they shot themselves in the foot with what they did to Episode II. It's no surprise Ep.III didn't see big sales. Plus I think I may have seen ONE commercial for the series back then. I only stumbled upon its greatness because we had a copy of Ep. I at my CVS for twenty bucks, and I took a chance.

I don't care what system it's on: if they continue the Xenosaga franchise, I'll buy that system for that franchise.

OtakuStudy2539d ago

and most annoying about Xenosaga II... it was the only one PAL regions saw released so we didn't get the full plot of Xenosaga I nor the "conclusion" in Xenosaga III =/

Inception2539d ago

Haha, buy Graces F first bro :D

tiffac0082539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I've already saved some money for that one bro! XD

OtakuStudy2539d ago

Honestly, they can release any Tales of game and certainly expect my hard earned money!

Inception2539d ago

If Bamco decided to localize Xillia (they MUST!), i hope we got those DLC costume code geass too. And of course...dual dub. With blu-ray capacity, there's no excuse if they can't do it :D

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Magnus2539d ago

Hopefully Namco has the brains to bring this game to NA

r212539d ago

this game better be as good as radiata stories on the ps2 >:C