Devil May Cry 4 Media Blowout

GameTrailers has released tons of new footage for the upcoming devil may cry game. Go check it out.


Update: Played on PS3 hardware. Just letting you know.

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TeaDouble_E4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

Im gonna spend alot of hours with this game.

hotshot1274989d ago

and you can now swith weapons and everything in gameplay. its so freakin cool. the AI looks spot on. (im one of the few that loved dmc3's crazy good ai)

dmc4 is back on my favorites list even though at first i lost respect for capcom and i still dont respect the way i use too BUT i love there games.

djtek1844989d ago

I wasn't sure about this game before but now its back on my most wanted list man i cant wait! by the way that girl is one hot chick. Damn she needs some spanking! Ass & Boobs oh my!

unlimited4989d ago

love it..cant wait for the demo.

LeonSKennedy4Life4989d ago

Notice the musical reference to the first game that Fischerspooner does for this one? It's in the "sharpshooter" thing. It's pretty noticeable in the background.

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