CryEngine 3 Power: This Graphics We Want To See In a 2012 Fantasy Game

Here are some amazing screenshots and a video. The footage based on CryEngine 3 and show you the fantasy setting Fort Higness. Check out the impressive footage after the break!

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Malice-Flare2490d ago

the CryEngine is fantastic. ..

yes, i would love to see a big budget fantasy game use this and have less differences between platforms. but, Crytek doesn't seem to have the ability to market it effectively compared to Epic that has MS's backing...

they need a big sponsor to help propagate this engine...

NAGNEWS2490d ago

is screenshots about CryEngine 3 - show us some games

(not another crysis)

Voxelman2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

unfortunately they are both MMOs, there is a singleplayer action RPG built with Cryengine 3 coming called Lichdom but there haven't been any screens released yet.

Letros2489d ago

Forged by Chaos is not an MMO.

Voxelman2489d ago

@Letros, yes it is
"What is the genre of the Panzar: Forged By Chaos game?
Panzar a third-party action, made in the spirit of the modern team network games. The main focus in the game is on the well-coordinated team play. Due to the fact that the game has leveling and character development, Panzar often mistakenly defined as a MMORPG, be we believe that Panzar is a MMO-Action with role-playing elements."

From the website

Play2Win2490d ago

Actually I haven't seen anything better than FrostBite 2 in Battlefield 3 on PC. It's so fantastic

kaveti66162490d ago

The foliage in BF3 is terrible compared to everything else in the game. They need to work on their tree leaves and their grass, shrubs, bushes, etc.

limewax2490d ago

Although both engines are great, and I agree that Frostbite 2 is better. I feel neither of these engines are a great example of what we could expect. The way tesallation is used is questionable, In all current games it focuses most on rounding objects whereas it can actually change the entire look of an area while rounding when utilised properly. And there are people who know how to do it properly, so why they never ask them is beyond me

tachy0n2490d ago

funny how DICE has not shown a decent tech demo to prove the validity of their engine... the one they showed, showed nothing to defend the technologies implemented on to their engine like tesselation, anti aliasing and developing tools.....


SnakeRule2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Meh, that doesn't really look any better than The Witcher 2, and the Witcher 2 isn't a tech demo.

-Gespenst-2490d ago

That actually looks like it could be a new Elder Scrolls game. Elsweyr or something.

Drake1172489d ago

i was thinking the exact same thing as i was watching lol hopefully elsweyr is the next game and also i hope that the creation engine(ES engine) can do graphics like this for next gen.

-Gespenst-2489d ago

Elsweyr's pretty small though, they'd want to include Valenwood or something. Either way I want to see a Desert environment in TES some day, with all sorts of tombs and stuff beneath the sands! Would be so cool.

DarkStar12489d ago

Meh, skyrim looks just as good as that demo, if not better

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