Gamerevolution: Best DLC Add-On 2011

What’s better than wracking your brain to come up with solutions to the most elaborate spatial puzzles ever thought up by the most deranged, egotistical, and homicidal AI this side of HAL 9000? Doing it with a friend, of course! Portal 2 gave us more than just a fantastic new single-player installment, which probably would have been enough to satisfy most fans in its own right. The multi-player portion represents an evolution of the original’s ingenious gameplay, allowing for even more complex puzzles with two players working in tandem.

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Yi-Long2488d ago

... it's GOOD DLC, and it's FREE, so finally a developers who cares, respects and rewards it's fanbase, instead of nickel-and-diming it.

Huge respect for VALVE, and this kinda stuff earns them love and loyalty from their fans. Something too many other developers and publishers either fail to realise, or fail to care about.

Yi-Long2488d ago

...cause all their DLC is free as well, and they found a nice way to do so in-game, or else Microsoft would have demanded it to be content that users would have to pay for.

I love Team Meat.