Dark Souls VS. Skyrim

Calitreview: Comparing these two games is intriguing. At a glance, and to those with seriously low Perception stats, they both ostensibly cover very similar ground (Medieval European Fantasy). But they both go about it in completely opposite fashions due to fundamentally different design focuses. So what I’m going to do is a small series looking at how these two games compare and contrast.

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zeal0us2492d ago

Dark Souls seem more those who like difficulty, while Skyrim is more of a easy-going/easy-pace game.

Something Skyrim got over Darksoul is that its available for pc which also comes with mods.

Something Darksoul got over Skyrim is the online features the game has to offer.

At the end of the day both games are good and made by two great companies.

DeathAvengers2490d ago

Do all games need multiplayer? Skyrim is a beast on master difficulty. Dark souls is the best 3rd person rpg I've ever played. Great combat, better than skyrim. More things to do in skyrim though. A lot less bugs in dark souls.

Motorola2492d ago

This is going to turn out like all the IGN article comment sections that just say. Winner: Skyrim/Dark Souls lol.

lelo2play2491d ago

One is for gamers that want to have a relaxing good time, the other is for masochist gamers that want to have a good time :)

Optical_Matrix2491d ago

Dark Souls:

- Superior Combat system
- Better Online Features
- More of a challenge
- (In My Opinion) Stat progression is superior


- More detailed World
- Better Story (though neither have great stories if I'm honest)
- Far more to do

I like them both for different things. Between Skyrim and Dark Souls, you have all your high fantasy RPG needs answered I think. Started Skyrim last night and having a blast with it. When I get more time in the new year I'm also gonna go back to Dark Souls.

Baka-akaB2491d ago

I dont even get how you got disagrees , but , hell it's n4g

Rowland2491d ago

how long would you say Dark Souls takes to complete - assuming one sees & does most things ?

brish2491d ago

* in Russian accent * In Dark Souls you don't beat the game, Dark Souls beats you!

Seriously, my first time beating it took about 70 hours. I tried to find everything in the game.

After I beat it I went to a wiki and discovered I missed a lot. I still play the game because the combat is fun, and the multi-player adds a lot to the game (you can co-op which makes the game easier, and you can fight against other players). Additionally there are many types of builds to play so there is replay value there.

Be forewarned, a lot of the time is spent dying over and over again. Dark Souls is definitely not for the faint of heart. On the other hand when you do finally beat the boss that was kicking your butt for the past few hours you get a sense of accomplishment that you don't get in other games.

Tip: If a boss has a tail try to cut if off.

Tip2: It's better to play the game without a guide or going to websites for clues because part of the fun is figuring out how to beat the seemingly impossible battles.

Rowland2491d ago

sounds great ! - can you carry the single player character over to multi-player ?

garos822491d ago

@rowland yes you do. your online player is your single player character

more tips

dont kill any blacksmiths :P
and one thing i didnt do in my first playthrough which im doing in my second playthrough is always reverse hollowing. sure you run the risk of being invaded but you can "practice" some of the levels by offering your services to someone else as a phantom. not only will you learn the levels as played by others but you will get a ton of souls and humanity if you coop beat the boss. havent played skyrim yet and thats because im still addicted to dark souls an odd 200+ hours in

brish2491d ago


Dark Souls doesn't have separate characters for single player, and multi-player. It also doesn't have separate maps. It's all just one world.

The way it works is there is a special place that you can "reverse hollowing". When you do this other players can invade your game and try to kill you. It is completely optional to "reverse hollowing". If you "reverse hollowing" the item drops improve. Additionally you get the option of summoning other players to help you with bosses and/or invaders.

You can also invade other players worlds that have "reversed hollowing" and try to kill them.

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