Madden NFL Gets A New Creative Director For Next-Gen Projects

EA Tiburon has hired a new creative director for next-gen projects involving the Madden NFL franchise.

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DaveMan2543d ago

People hear next gen, they go "ooh, ooh, xbox 720, and ps4.

When the more generic possibility is Vita, and Wii U

DeadlyFire2543d ago

Well its most likely Nintendo U. I wouldn't count out Xbox 3 or PS4 though. Nintendo U is setting a baseline for them even when they are not out. Developers can prep games to run on those Nintendo U specs and porting them over to PS4/Xbox 3 wouldn't be to difficult even if they sport better specs.

Vita I guess counts, but usually even when developers sport the next generation mobile platforms they label it as mobile next generation platforms or something to that extent.


Please come back to the PC w/ modding tools