Bioshock Dev Declares 2011 "The Best Year Since 2007" for Games

According to Ken Levine, 2011 offered the strongest selection of games since his own Bioshock came out four years ago.

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NovusTerminus2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

2011 sucked for me. I did not get that many games.

I am getting more games in Q1 of 2012 then all of 2011.

Soul Calibur 5, Ninja Gaiden 3, Shinobido 2, Gravity Rush, Naruto UNS Generations, Devil May Cry HD, Asura's Wrath... And I think I forgot a few games in that. It is gonna be crazy.

Oh, and I like Japanese games... Just in case you could not tell.

taijutsu3632589d ago

Yeah im getting most of those games you said.. PLUS twisted metal, bioshock, and a junk-load more! Its gonna be fun year!

pr0digyZA2589d ago

Seems like you like your action games LordMe.

holdmyown832589d ago

Nothing really stands out for me in2012 except twisted metal and tomb raider. But 2011 i must say was the best year for gaming for 96 was for music

TopDudeMan2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

2011 has been my best year in recent memory, too (But I dub 2011 as year of the RPG). 2012 seems like it's gonna be a quiet one. Unless a bunch of developers no one's heard of brings out some awesome new IPs.

scofios2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Let me guess you are 12 year old ?

AgentWD402589d ago

no mate, it was only a little laugh. I knew the trolls would bite. I can't wait for halo but I am more looking forward to bioshock oh and I am 26 ha

Morbius4202588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I want Halo 4 and I'll be 47 when it releases. If you think one has to be 12 to enjoy Halo then you are too jaded for gaming and should quit. Maybe with your level of sophistication you should take up Chess.

from the beach2589d ago

More hyped for next year, lol. But Skyrim, Child of Eden, Deus Ex and Gears 3 were all fantastic.. just bought Arkham City and Rayman Origins too..

Matrix2k2589d ago

games mostly were over rated and sucked

skyrim, portal 2, batman, gears, assassins creed

deus ex, disgaea, radiant historia, pokemon, and more were great but still

The west dropped the ball this year with generic broken games

NeoBasch2588d ago

Portal 2's narrative improved significantly. I still have minor quibbles with it that hold it back from true greatness, but it deserves to be mentioned with the best of the year.

Matrix2k2588d ago

the gameplay and level design was atrocious

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