Final Fantasy VII Remake: Like trying to raise the dead


"Square-Enix has been fielding petitions for the game’s remake ever since releasing a tech demo for the PS3 showcasing the game’s iconic opening on the new technology.

No game has ever been called to be remade with such fervor, nor sparked such controversy.

Opinions vary widely. Some pine openly for the game to be re-released, others express concerns, or outright opposition to the idea.

As is often the case, the devil here is in the details."

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gaminoz2519d ago

I debate the same way with Eternal Darkness. Do I really want it remade...will it spoil the memories?

I really wish Silicon Knights hadn't experimented with Too Human and instead did at least one sequel. Look at the job cuts they've had now.

Sequels or remakes are not the gaming answer as we need new Ips, but they do fund them...

StraightPath2519d ago

Seriously why a remake? With remakes these days a norm with hd makeovers are devs running out of ideas?why not a new ff good as 7 leave 7 be. Remains a legend forever.

gaminoz2519d ago

I'm still on the fence.

Still, as long as I have a console that is backwards compatible (or the original console working) I can revisit the games, even if they aren't HD.

It's very important the new consoles are backwards compatible, I think, just for the ability to go back and play some games. It may not be often, but it is still worth it.

oli2519d ago

i don't see what the big deal is with remaking it. if you don't want it remade, then don't play it, there is a psn version. if you want it remade, then we can only hope for that day.

BadCircuit2519d ago

There are so many remakes these days, can't anybody come up with a new idea?

Lord_Sloth2519d ago

The endless horde of shooters says "Hi".

Honestly an actual remake of a game (not counting an HD re-release) would be a nice change. Especially if it's of a game that was as awesome as FFVII was.

NeXXXuS2519d ago

To remake or not to remake. That is the question.
Probably not. The original was enough to make very good memories. Think I'll play it again when I fly back to Florida.

Steelz4ever2519d ago

they should just make VII for the the Vita

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The story is too old to be commented.