Sears Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011, Definitely Worth Checking Out

Trendy Gamers: Ok, I wasn’t even going to post an article showcasing Sears’ Boxing Week Deals but surprisingly, they actually have a really good deal that is definitely worth checking out.

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TrendyGamers2491d ago

It really felt weird writing an article about Sears and video game deals but it could potentially be a great day for gamers looking for a deal!

SKUD2491d ago

Lol, I bet. In fact I didn't even know they did sell video games till I bought a washer from them a couple years ago. Not my first choice to buy games from but it might be for someone else.

TrendyGamers2491d ago

I doubt its the first choice for anyone. Still worth checking out for 50% off games though.

TrendyGamers2490d ago

Thanks! Hopefully this helps some people get some games for cheap.