Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo

MP1st - "A few hours ago, we reported on the fact that PS3 paid Elite owners will have access to the DLC maps before regular 360 owners. While our report was based on the info provided by one of Activision’s own, Mikey Vega, it appears that he has pulled back his statement by deleting the tweet our report was based on."

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GraveLord2585d ago

If I don't get DLC earlier than normal 360 users I swear I'm never buying a COD game ever again. I'll sell Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops and go buy Battlefield 3.

Mister_V2585d ago

"...and go buy Battlefield 3." I won't argue with you there.

Urrakia342585d ago

Activision doesn't give a crap, you already gave them your money.

dedicatedtogamers2585d ago


May I have your attention, everyone?

Welcome to the world of gaming when Microsoft gets involved.

ZippyZapper2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

So you hate the fact the 360 owners get COD stuff first but then support PS3 owners who get BF3 stuff first?

If you PS3 boys hate everything CoD then whey is it the top selling game on the PS3? Why do you care so much about something you will never play?

Hypocrite much?

kreate2585d ago

he said normal 360 users.

and I think when a promise is broken, people get pissed off.

also its not ps3 gamers who hate on CoD, its more like battlefield gamers hate on CoD, whether they are ps3 or 360 gamers.

he just happens to mention b3 cuz that is the rival game of CoD.

im not sure what ur angry about or why u care .....

radphil2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )


A Month's wait for DLC vs a Week's worth, and originally PS3 owners didn't even have that till it was announced just at launch. The week early on PS3 was announced as an afterthought, because originally they were giving 1943 away(in which they did AFTER people threw a lawsuit at them for false advertising).

This isn't people paying for Live vs PSN, this is a SEPARATE service that Activision is doing, and yet still has the DLC locking thing.

So yes, I imagine everyone else except 360 users being a bit pissed at this, because the message they're giving, is that one group of player's money is apparently worth more than everyone else's.

Honestly at this point it's a complete mess. PC users don't even have Elite, people that paid for it on another platform has to still wait a month, and even longer for regular users after that(PS3), and another platform that don't even get the DLC period(Wii. Someone correct me if i'm wrong on this one though).

pc_masterrace2584d ago

dude I wish I could sell my copy of MW3...

..stupid steam account lock-in. >:(

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MizTv2585d ago

i hate this 1month crap with the dlc on 360 if i pay for elite on ps3 why should i have to wait!!!!!

hadouken0072585d ago

Activision got they people picked.

SixZeroFour2585d ago

you are getting it before the ppl YOU play with, why should it matter when the 360 guys get dont even play with them

Silly gameAr2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Because they paid the same price as 360 users for Elite? Is that so hard to understand? They still have to wait for the DLC, so I doubt getting it before their friends is a good enough reason to pay for elite.

If this little understanding between MS and Activision is more important then millions of their customers,then MS must be paying the big daddy bucks. It's only business I guess, but it's bad business.

SixZeroFour2584d ago

the service itself, yea, they are paying the same price but 360 owners pay for live and ms made a deal with activision so their live users have a bonus for being gold members

who knew such a small thing like timed exclusive dlc map packs for CoD would be such a big deal to so many, although still most likely a small minority of ppl...looks like MS made a smart business move

dgonza402585d ago

They had an exclusive DLC deal with M$ for a while now. I believe it runs until the end of 2012..

PS3 and PC Elite is pretty much a 'sub-premium' lol

MizTv2585d ago

i hate this 1month b4 everyone else crap with the dlc on 360 if i pay for elite on ps3 why should i have to wait!!!!!

BX812585d ago

Maybe I missed something, but wasn't it announced along time ago that the 360 was going to get COD DLC early for a while? Elite is a service that provides you with stats, prizes etc. as well as a discount on the DLC. I've never read anywhere that having elite grants PS3 owners access to the DLC. If we use common sense then why would MS spend all that money to get 360 owners early DLC if it's not exclusive?

SJPFTW2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

big deal your getting the same garbage as always in the DLC. in the end your getting ripped off except only a month later

Parapraxis2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

I suspect the DLC will come out on 3 days:

1st day 360 COD elite users
2nd day (1 month later) 360 regular/PS3 COD elite
3rd day (1 month later) PS3 regulars

meaning in total they PS3 guys without elite have to wait 2 months which really sucks.
I don't think any users 360 or PS3 should have to wait 2 months to get the same content.
Sure BF3 users on 360 had to wait a bit....2 WEEKS, as painful as that was for some, the COD-side looks like it will be far less fair.

Those like ZippyZapper above saying PS3 COD fans shouldn't complain because they got BF3 content early are just being dicks, total freaking dicks.

PS3 owners never asked for BF3 content early or extra Dead Space 2 content or whatever, but Sony thought they too should try to do some stuff like this because everybody's favorite gaming company Microsoft started this exclusive DLC shit in the first place and PS3 owners were only on the loosing end.

Cosmit2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Xbox 360 as well as PC owners only had to wait 1 week for the B2K Map Pack. Not 2.

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