PlayStation Vita And PSP Memory Card Price Comparison

Sony has now released the RRP for the PlayStation Vita cards and it’s surprisingly cheaper most people think. Even cheaper than the memory stick pro duos for the original PSP.

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Dante1122492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Wow, I guess all those claims of $100 Vita cards can finally rest now. I'm going with the 16GB now.

dedicatedtogamers2492d ago

Even with the cost of the memory sticks, the fact is that Vita + a decent-sized mem stick is costing less than $300 total. That's a friggin' steal.

gamingdroid2492d ago

So what is the cost of the memory sticks in US dollars?

As far as I know, Memory Stick Duo is overpriced so comparing it to that is like price comparing to an Apple product. Everything seems cheap....

gamer78042492d ago

Its the same type of memory, it should be ridiculously cheaper than its predecessor of so many years ago.

coryok2492d ago

i would agree if it were based only on cost of production, but sony has to make money on something. to lower the entry barrier they lower the cost of the actual handheld (which, from a tech standpoint wont have a significant pricedrop in quite some time).

to offset this they raise the price of something else, memory cards.

im sure sony would rather take the profit on the actual handheld, as everyone will have to get one, while memory cards are optional, but they're taking that hit to lower entry barriers.

i can understand frustration with something that costs more than it should, but when it comes down to it, its optional, and you can get by with a 4gb card for $20 if you really want one.

lets look at it from sonys perspective before we start saying that the memory card prices are an atrocity. btw, the psp memory card prices being what they were shows that this model works.

either way though, price is a factor and you can either have something like the ds/3ds which is so cheap to build (read: bad graphics) that they dont need to use this model to make money or you can have good graphics and buy a memory with it

MasterCornholio2492d ago

With the 3DS (after the price drop) and the Vita you really do get what you pay for.

Do you go cheap and get a 3DS or do you want better tech and go for the Vita?


blumatt2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Yeah, it would have been nice had Sony let us re-use our Memory Stick Duo's but I see why they did what they did. Piracy pretty much killed the PSP here in the States and they didn't want a repeat.

Plus, I'm pretty sure third party peripheral makers will make cards for the Vita too and they'll be around $10 cheaper than Sony-branded ones.

Chapulin2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Damn I remember when I bought a 2G Memory Stick Pro-Duo for $110 dollars. My bank thought someone had stolen my credit card. lol

ninjahunter2492d ago

Lol, I got both my 8gb and 4gb pro duo cards for cheaper than Sony prices. Still too spendy for me. Many if an 8gb card with the vital cost $250 I would nab it when it comes tostores in my area.